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an audible acoustic wave frequency

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This method is based on measuring the intensity of different audio frequencies the patient is still able to hear and creating appropriate tables and audiometric curves.
Of course, the telephone is not designed to reproduce audio frequencies as faithfully as your home stereo system.
In addition to their striking new copper with bright chrome cosmetic, the new Turbine Pro Copper version differs in that it provides unsurpassed accuracy over all audio frequencies for an ideal true-to-life professional reference listening experience.
Editor's Note: In Issue 89's "Skeptimania' column the statement was made that Better Cables' Silver Serpent cable "appears to have a characteristic impedance of 150 ohms, which is meaningless for audio frequencies.
As SRS Labs reported in the second quarter of 2001, Olympus has licensed SRS' WOW technology for use in the new DM-1 voice recorder/MP3 player where TruBass is an important feature of the sound system delivering the perception of deep, rich bass and providing improvements in the low and mid-range audio frequencies.
Johnson prove his rules for signal isolation at audio frequencies with concrete laboratory demonstrations.
Audio frequencies control the vehicle guidance system, while high radio frequencies emitted from six transceivers around the track handle the monitoring system.
Pioneer has included the most advanced SRS[R] WOW HD technology in the new KURO models by incorporating SRS Definition, a high frequency enhancement that provides finer control and adjustment to manage low, mid and high audio frequencies.
A new Sound Manager that features 16-bit audio, which allows stereo sound input and output at all the standard digital audio frequencies, including 22 kilohertz, 44.
leaders in speech technology for consumer products, today announced SonicNet[TM] (patent pending), a new technology for communication between two or more electronic devices using audio frequencies.