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an effect that imitates a sound called for in the script of a play

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And the audio effects (few dozens are available) can be edited visually now for an even better result.
The new version seamlessly integrates (user generated) Video and Audio Effects into its VoIP calling experience; delivering more expressive and engaging ways for users to connect through phone conversations.
Each application aids in authoring specific visual or audio effects.
The balance of the book explains the basics of importing, editing, exporting video to the Web or DVD, choosing iMovie themes, adding transition and audio effects, creating video podcasts and blogs, and more.
Work on the exhibition, which was funded through Museums, Libraries and Archives and Renaissance in the Regions, took a year to complete and includes new cases, lighting, audio effects and a Heritage Lottery funded sculpture called 'Beyond the Sword'.
The grant will be spent on recreating the sights and sounds of the First World War bombardment including audio effects that will bring to life the roar of incoming shells, shouts and orders, the pounding of the battery guns, bomb blasts and the scattering of running feet.
Then, it is sent to the composer, an external operation that adds all the special audio effects and music needed.
But the sonics above crossover also improved dramatically because the load on the mid drivers was drastically reduced, adding detail, openness, transparency, all the good audio effects.
The entire suite of audio effects includes: Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay/Echo, Distortion, Dynamics, Compression, Enveloping, Flange/Wah-Wah, Gapper/Snipper, Noise Gate, Pitch Bend/Shift, Reverb, and Vibrato; three Eqs--Graphic, Parametric, and Paragraphic and Time Compression/Expand.
Like many other Broadway and touring shows, there are special audio effects used in Riverdance that augment the live performing artists onstage.
And the futuristic high-tech environment in which the battles take place is enhanced with full-motion video and cinematic audio effects.
The DynaSonix PRO, which adds an on-board audio effects processor, will sell for $299.
Include audio effects that can be played on the small speaker found in every computer, so that those without a sound card can still get the full impact.
com/research/df8731/dafx_digital_audi) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "DAFX: Digital Audio Effects, 2nd Edition" to their offering.