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an effect that imitates a sound called for in the script of a play

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It describes sound, sound properties, and the overtone series; recording levels, editing techniques, audio effects, digital audio software, audio hardware like microphones and mixers, digital audio data, and the hardware and software needed to put together audio systems; software instruments and sequencing, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) hardware like controllers and synthesizers, recording and editing MIDI messages, synthesis methods, sampling, music programming applications, performance apps, and the hardware and software needed to put together MIDI and audio systems; and computer notation and computer-assisted instruction, including note entry methods and editing techniques and programs for musicianship and theory, performance skills, and creative skills.
Algorithm Implementation in High-Fidelity Digital Audio Effects Using Programmable Hardware (2)
This text reflects the more than 20 years experience of the author, an industry professional based in Australia, with information presented in a clear, no-nonsense style that guides the reader through the fundamentals of how we hear and demonstrates how audio effects are best used when the technician focuses on human perception of sound.
Central 3 software suite, which provides advanced video and audio effects, avatar creation, movie creation, desktop sharing features and remote monitoring capabilities from a phone or PC.
It's a basic primer that opens with a simple explanation of what audio effects are and how they are manipulated, moving to how to use them in audio and visual productions and pairing discussions with exercises that include explanations of applying effects to specific projects.
Audio Event Effects * - Users gain greater precision over the placement of audio effects, as they can now apply effects directly to the event level.
With the Ice, operators can generate vertical and horizontal crawls via automated URL or RSS feed, or from manually created source information, and multiple DVE per mixer effects allow them to squeeze different on-air content while inserting graphics and audio effects.
Each application aids in authoring specific visual or audio effects.
The balance of the book explains the basics of importing, editing, exporting video to the Web or DVD, choosing iMovie themes, adding transition and audio effects, creating video podcasts and blogs, and more.
Work on the exhibition, which was funded through Museums, Libraries and Archives and Renaissance in the Regions, took a year to complete and includes new cases, lighting, audio effects and a Heritage Lottery funded sculpture called 'Beyond the Sword'.
The grant will be spent on recreating the sights and sounds of the First World War bombardment including audio effects that will bring to life the roar of incoming shells, shouts and orders, the pounding of the battery guns, bomb blasts and the scattering of running feet.
Then, it is sent to the composer, an external operation that adds all the special audio effects and music needed.
But the sonics above crossover also improved dramatically because the load on the mid drivers was drastically reduced, adding detail, openness, transparency, all the good audio effects.
In addition, the program includes 300 slide shows, four hours of narration, audio effects and music.