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a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

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Geo TV claimed it had received an audio cassette of Omar's address to a Taliban military council somewhere in Afghanistan predicting that the United States would suffer defeat in Afghanistan as did the then Soviet Union whose troops were forced to withdraw after a war with Afghan mujahideen.
Schering Plough has also produced a new pneumonia management booklet for farmers, which along with the audio cassette are available from local veterinary practices or by calling 01694 731777.
Children from New York metropolitan-area summer programs for blind students participated in the toy evaluation sessions, and AFB Talking Books donated the recording and production of the guide on audio cassette so that it is accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.
In a study produced by the Japan Recording-Media Industries Association, global production of audio cassette tapes by Japan was about 1582 million units, or 35 per cent, compared with 1950 million units in South Korea.
Non-commercial audio cassette recording of an undated performance/recitation of this poem, more commonoly refferred to as Tal al-Za 'tar.
An audio cassette and CD rebate are good with the purchase of $9.
With the audio cassette method, language learning seems to allow a less "painful" experience, and maybe even affords a little fun.
Students supplied the audio cassette and numbered the sentences of their paper for easy reference; the instructor used a voice-activated machine to avoid the hassle of pushing "record" and "stop.
Tokyo, again has shown how to put "kaizen"--Japanese for constant improvement--to work, this time with audio cassette tapes.
They include addresses, telephone numbers (voice and TDD), and information as to whether material is readily available in braille, large print, audio cassette, etc.
Ladd's initial noteworthy contribution to consumer home entertainment occurred in the 1960s, when he developed and marketed the first reel-to-reel and stereo audio cassette recorders.
This provision of a visual and audio reinforcement to the typical audio cassette for language instruction is a major advance, along with Ravin's provision of 80 distinct techniques for better pronunciation.
Visually impaired voters and any interested citizen may receive audio cassette recordings of the sample ballot for Tuesday's Los Angeles municipal election, the City Clerk's Office said Wednesday.
WE'VE teamed up with edel UK Records to give every reader a free Disney My First Read-a-long audio cassette and book worth pounds 3.
Now a new audio cassette designed to bring relief to sufferers has been launched - and 100 Mirror readers can try it for free.