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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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To pick up your free copy of The Twits audio CD just cut out the voucher below and take it to your local RS McColl or McColls stores in Scotland today only.
You'll receive your free copy of Quit Smoking audio CD when you order any of our great value offers mentioned.
This audio CD discusses the neurobiological basis for fatigue and suggests novel treatment options such as modafinil.
They have somewhat of an outlaw aura about them, because they can be used to create and distribute pirate copies of songs and bootlegged copies of entire audio CDs.
ECDs play exactly like standard audio CDs in audio players.
BOSTON -- To create audio CD guides for World Cup fans traveling to Germany, PUMA International, the global athletic brand needed to creatively package 12 hours of audio guides in five languages on CD, plus accompanying maps--and do it fast
OTC:SCMI), the developer of MediaMax(TM), the most widely used and commercially accepted audio CD copy management and enhancement technology in the United States, has released what it considers to be a conservative forecast for this year.
Or you may claim the free audio CD only, see coupon for details.
MediaMax Version 5 now enables SunnComm to pursue additional lucrative revenue opportunities outside the core music business initiative of protecting commercial audio CDs.
Instant-on to five entertainment modules: DVD/VCD, Audio CDs, Music Clips, Photos, and Videos.
All audio titles will be available for secure download to a listener's personal computer and transferable to most MP3 players, burned to audio CDs, or enjoyed through the computer's audio playback system.
Its newest version of MediaMax, featuring SecureBurn(TM) and On-the-Fly Technology(TM), is scheduled to be included on its customers' audio CDs next month.
Now, with the help of Genius Products, a leader in the distribution of audio CDs to mass retail, they will find their way to retail shelves this October.
OTC: SCMI), the creator and provider of MediaMax, North America's most widely used and accepted copy management and enhancement technology for audio CDs, announced today that its upcoming version of MediaMax, Version 5, will include "on-the-fly" DRM (digital rights management) encoding.
will begin releasing commercial audio CDs utilizing SunnComm's MediaMax M4(TM) Music Management technology.