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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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This voucher entitles the bearer to a FREE The Twits audio CD.
Look at these great offers: we have eight outstanding audio CD offers by Glenn Harrold for you to buy, to accompany your free CD.
This audio CD answers questions about the cognitive and affective symptoms of schizophrenia and discusses effective treatment strategies.
ESS Technology , a leading supplier of silicon solutions for digital audio, video and imaging consumer electronics, today announced that it is introducing support for Super Audio CD in its Vibratto(TM) II-DA DVD solutions.
As an added bonus the audience will be able to experience a video of a live performance from the Blue Note show that will be synced to Super Audio CD and played back in multi-channel surround sound
0 "Custom Audio CD Creator" software for the Macintosh.
OTC:SCMI), the developer of MediaMax(TM), the most widely used and commercially accepted audio CD copy management and enhancement technology in the United States, has released what it considers to be a conservative forecast for this year.
Or you may claim the free audio CD only, see coupon for details.
SunnComm's MediaMax suite of products delivers security for digital CD audio along with an enhanced consumer experience that provides additional bonus content and value-added features available in a user-friendly multi-media session that is mastered directly on the audio CD and accessible using a personal computer.
PowerCinema Linux provides 10 seconds instant-on to five entertainment modules without booting up windows: DVD/VCD, Audio CD, Music Clips, Photos, and Videos.
All audio titles will be available for secure download to a listener's personal computer and transferable to most MP3 players, burned to audio CDs, or enjoyed through the computer's audio playback system.
Its newest version of MediaMax, featuring SecureBurn(TM) and On-the-Fly Technology(TM), is scheduled to be included on its customers' audio CDs next month.
Now, with the help of Genius Products, a leader in the distribution of audio CDs to mass retail, they will find their way to retail shelves this October.
OTC: SCMI), the creator and provider of MediaMax, North America's most widely used and accepted copy management and enhancement technology for audio CDs, announced today that its upcoming version of MediaMax, Version 5, will include "on-the-fly" DRM (digital rights management) encoding.
will begin releasing commercial audio CDs utilizing SunnComm's MediaMax M4(TM) Music Management technology.