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an audible acoustic wave frequency

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The artificial cochlea is designed for audible frequency range from 100Hz to 10kHz.
HD Voice, sometimes referred to as wideband audio, is a set of telephony standards that allow telephones to transmit up to 48 kHz of audible frequency. The call quality is absolutely incredible; the first time I heard a conference call with HD Voice, it reminded me of the first time I watched HD programming on TV.
The range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is called the audible frequency range and used in octave analysis although it reflects the actual capability of only a small percentage of the population.
And if you want to hook your iPod up to your home hifi, the Monster iCable (pounds 24.95) may cost more than the mass-produced alternatives, but its 24 carat gold contacts and shielding will exploit every audible frequency
Similar calls, above the audible frequency of 15khz, are produced by bats, to find their way in the dark and pursue prey.
Special features include a unique CD bookmark facility, while within the radio, there is an audible frequency finder with pre-set controls.