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United States poet (born in England) (1907-1973)

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Jacobs's readings of Auden's and Weil's lives and work offer some of the finest passages in the book.
"Consolidation of hospitals and healthcare practices is shifting physician employment toward larger groups that are more likely to self-insure and use captive or alternative risk programs, which will reduce demand for primary MPLI coverage," said Auden.
As Baker investigated the Auden papers, she found laid out before her an immense wealth of information, courtesy the Englishman's tenure as a geologist with the Geological Survey of India between 1926 and 1953.
They particularly liked mountains because (to judge from Auden's willfully indiscreet psychoanalyst) they felt safe when among the peaks, "isolated and unobserved."
The stellar cast includes Matthew Kelly, brilliant as the unkempt Auden, and The Crown star David Yelland, truly superb as the more refined and once confident, but now selfdoubting, Britten.
Not surprisingly, it's a rather wordy piece: "Auden never stops talking, never stops yammering," the 68-year-old says while resting - he had a hip replacement four months ago - from matinee day.
Auden diligently studied and surveyed the mountains to learn how and why the range was formed, and in doing so became a pioneer in detecting the fault that runs the 1,500-mile length of the Himalaya.
The world in which Auden lives may be frightening but it is the humanity of this book which makes it shine out, giving it an optimistic tone.
Auden's famous lyric "Refugee Blues" was composed around March 1939, the month when tens of thousands of Jewish emigrants, though having managed to escape from their European homeland, were suffering differently and considerably in the new lands.
Auden once wrote on the eve of World War II: We must love one another or die.'" The marchers cheered, and the singer then performed her hit "Express Yourself." It was an effective rhetorical moment, though for students of modern poetry there were both familiar and complicated ironies in Madonna's use of Auden's poem, "September 1, 1939," to express herself and her political commitments.
Auden, and David Jones, who emphasized religious thinking over religious feeling and saw religion as intellectual and emotional and doctrine and ritual practice.
After several encounters with a young man named Auden, Shelby begins to realize that the treatment may have also erased the love of her life.
Kerry van der Griend, whose is known for his role in the 'Night at the Museum' series of films, delivers a stern and deadpan performance as the main character Auden Price, replete with clever lines conveyed with sarcasm.
The source is the Auden poem "First Things First." Here are the verses in their entirety.
Visitors to the development can view the Mitford, which is being built in the region for the first time, and the Auden, as well as meet sales staff based at the newly-launched sales office.