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the area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits

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Consistent to previous years, the Student Services Office at AUD has put together this year an interesting calendar of events, for new student comers, which are set to extend over the course of the current Fall term conveying several fun games and activities, such as bowling, scavenger hunt, athletics fair, dhow cruise adventure, SGA carnival, masquerade party, among many other extracurricular activities.
Bu Ajram said he looks forward to an exciting new phase, and I am so very confident that we can overcome life's obstacles as long as we never lose the values that AUD has embedded within our DNA.
The AUD says that since its opening in 1995, it has taken great strides towards developing a culture of excellence by combining the heritage of traditional American education with those perspectives it has matured locally.
We are confident that the results of this year's "ACT Now" will reflect on a large placements number as it ultimately continues to place of AUD graduates and students with companies that are widely recognized as industry leaders.
Lance de Masi greeted the new students, emphasising the academic excellence the University provided over the past decade and urging the youth, who have chosen AUD as their academic destination, to pursue their university studies while seizing the following personal traits: "Do your best, Be humble, Take initiative, Respect others, Seek balance, Be open to ideas, Develop thick skin, Assume responsibility, Consume books, Have fun
Elias Bou Saab, Executive Vice President of AUD remembered how he used to cross Dr.
Brad Howell, CEO of ICAP Australia, said: As Global Regulatory directives drive changes to market structure we are constantly looking at ways to enhance service provision to our AUD client base in interest rate derivatives.
The Admissions Department at AUD is currently admitting requests for His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Scholarship for Admissions, and the Mohammad Bin Rashid School for Communication Scholarship Programme.
The owner of global brands such as Dove, Vaseline and Lipton, Unilever said the AUD partnership will be effective for three years, starting this academic year.
Notably, this year, the AUD graduates its first class of students from the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication.
Justin Siberell, who spoke to AUD students, faculty and staff on the bilateral relations between the United States and the United Arab Emirates, and on the importance of education and exchange programs in promoting dialogue among different communities.
Abu Ali's experience spans nearly three decades in academic, corporate, public sector, financial services, international financial agency and consultancy positions in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, saisd a statement from AUD.
Shaikh Mohammad said AUD alumni currently occupy leading positions in UAE's public and private sector earned from good merit and hard work.
Nelly Halabi, Director of the AUD Health Center, comments,"AUD organizes the Blood Drive Campaign every six months on campus and we are glad to be part of this humanitarian cause.