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the system of philosophy dominant in medieval Europe

orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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testigos algunas veces en los auctores antiguos, para que me crean como auctor moderno e que hablo de vista, contando estas cosas a los que estan apartados destas nuestras Indias, porque aca, cuantos no fueron ciegos, las veen (Historia, II: 63).
Clitophon's response, I suggest, is to separate his role as auctor from that of actor.
In lacinia, lacus eget facilisis mollis, velit lorem tincidunt leo, et auctor leo purus sed elit.
Auctor Ludens: Essays on Play in Literature (Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1986); Mihai I.
Aliquam non elit in arcu auctor ornare sed vitae odio.
BOTTO, Antonio, Cancoes (Edicao definitiva de toda a obra poetica do auctor acrescentada de alguns ineditos).
Van Den Herik & Van Sliedregt, supra note 28, at 549 (explaining that current "complicity doctrine, with its singular distinction between principals and accomplices, does not allow for [guilt to attach to] an auctor intellectualist with a perpetrator-like status .
In both cases, I was referred immediately to the person, the auctor, and I found this of the greatest importance for us as Christians.
Proof that the connections Ruggiero describes reflect precise intentions of Tasso, the empirical auctor who lived from 1544 to 1595, ought to be found in the modifications that such connections make to the empirical or implied reader's sense of what the poem is doing.
These two settings use shifting tonality to express the writer's emotions, whereas it is the move from simple chant to open and then full harmonies that makes the opening carol Beatus auctor swculi so striking, and the economical but exquisitely delicate use of harp that distinguishes Bring rest, sweet dreaming child (both for upper voices, 2003).
6) As his refusal to offer his, presumably real, version of what happened to Lynne on that blacked-out night in London before she lost her pregnancy or his unwillingness to choose the real ending of A Clockwork Orange on the basis of the original manuscript and the belated exchange between a retroactively righteous author and a deeply offended American editor, Biswell does not need Sebastian Knight's biographer to warn him: caveat auctor.
The English word authority is derived from the Latin auctor, author; just as an author brings something into being, so a person possessing authority can bring about some effect, whether of persuasion, definition, or compliance.
Hinc 'classium contentio,' quicumque auctor eius est et quicumque eius, interdum, statuit normas, est malum sociale.
AT FIRST glance, Donna Ong's prize-winning Dr Auctor seems to have violated the single rule governing submissions to this competitive exhibition of two-dimensional art organised by Sefton Arts Development Leisure Services.
For walking as it were in golden fetters (as al Translators doe), you notwithstanding so warilie follow your Auctor, that where he trippeth you hold him up, and where he goeth out of the way, you better direct his foot.