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the system of philosophy dominant in medieval Europe

orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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But auctor is more than this because it also has links to augere, to cause to grow and increase, to augment.
At the start of the romance, the Auctor is passing through the Sierra Morena on his return home from fighting and encounters the lovesick Leriano led in chains by a hairy, personified Desire, the chief officer of Love.
En esta composicion confluyen dos funciones de absoluto arraigo masculino: el papel de Catulo como auctor y como uir.
O felix Maria, o genitrix gloriosa, o puerpera sublimis cujus visceribus auctor Celi terreque commititur
Atti della sessione ennodiana del Convegno Auctor et Auctoritas in Latinis Medii Aevi litteris, Benevento, 2010, Cesena, 2011, pp.
Winkler's paradigm-shifting work of 1985, Auctor and Actor, prompted a resurgence of Apuleian studies with a much broader cultural and aesthetic remit.
Y es gran peligro transcorrer en mucho credito cuando quien es auctor de lo falso es hombre grave e de auctoridad (Historia, I: 14).
Apunta el filosofo que el fundador del Imperio pretendio tambien ser considerado optimi status auctor, donde auctor no tiene el sentido de <<fundador[mucho mayor que], sino el de [mucho menor que]garante[mucho mayor que].
And though that I my selfe now percase Thus myn opynyon have publysshed Or any of my felowes here in this place In any poynt here have us abused We beseche you to holde us excused And so the auctor herof requyreth you all And thus I commyt you to God eternall.
Being the author and auctor of one's own book and storyline leads to insight and to the mobilisation of a wider circle of external support and resources.
Whereas, in the Essayes, Donne cannot even think of beginning without calling upon Augustine as his auctor, by contrast Donne seeks to refute Augustinian precedent as he considers ends in Biathanatos, his casuistic argument justifying suicide.
El Auctor anonimo declara, desde las primeras lineas de su obra: (2) "Podemos conseguir todas estas cualidades por tres medios: la teoria, la imitacion y el ejercicio" (Rhet.
Un "uso" de la herencia filosofica aristotelica a la vez erudito y polemico, una entrega a la filigrana del texto con el duplice gesto, humilde y soberbio, en el que el commmentator entra en una "zona de indiscernibilidad" con el auctor.
Proin rhoncus, sapien non dignissim auctor, odio diam viverra orci, at egestas urna magna quis ante.