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United States writer (born in 1917)

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Jackie was one of the most emotionally self-sufficient people ever JAMIE AUCHINCLOSS
Auchincloss and her co-authors consider their new study's results more robust than much of the other work to date on neighborhood risk factors and obesity.
THE TOPIC: Louis Auchincloss spent much of his privileged childhood in a brownstone in the East End of Manhattan, surrounded by his family and four maids.
Prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss described the evidence as ``powerful corroboration for our victim.
He enrols at Yale and dates Jacqueline Kennedy's half-sister Janet Auchincloss.
The items belong to the heirs of Janet Lee Auchincloss, Mrs Kennedy's mother.
When Julia McFarlane and Judy Auchincloss opened the doors of Ad Hoc Softwares in 1976, industrial design was just beginning to gain a modicum of popularity among the Manhattan cognoscenti.
Other books published this year included Tales of Manhattan by Louis Auchincloss, short stories; The Arrangement by Elia Kazan, a novel; Death at an Early Age by Jonathan Kozol, dealing with conditions in ghetto schools; Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin, a shocker that was the basis for an enormously successful movie; The Medium Is the Message by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore, a study of the impact of technology and communication on society; Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K.
Nelson Alregn, Louis Auchincloss, James, Baldwin, Hortense Calisher, John Cheever, Edward Dahlberg [Mr.
We are thrilled to add the nation's largest drug store chain to our roster of premier retail partners," said Will Auchincloss, Senior Vice President of Business Development and International at Nutrisystem.
Also making a strong showing were three newcomers: tenor Daniel Auchincloss, soprano Eve Rachel McLeod and mezzo-soprano Jennifer Enns Modolo.
But at the singer's child abuse trial, he changed his story under questioning from prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss.
He interrupted prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss, warning him not to delve into the issue and only to ask general questions, not specifics.
Her revelations came under examination from prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss.
Michael Jackson has a billionaire's spending habit but a millionaire's budget,' lawyer Gordon Auchincloss said.