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United States writer (born in 1917)

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AWARD: Joel and Claire Kerr received the North East England Regional Award from area manager Paul Hodgson and National Sales Manager Richard Auchincloss
SPIRIT OF THE BEES (left) GARDEN designer Janey Auchincloss and architect Paul Hammond produced an attention-grabbing garden that highlighted the plight of the bee and showed how we can all do our bit for wildlife even in a small urban space by choosing not only wild flowers but ornamental plants which attract bees, such as salvia, echinops and lavender.
A Wall Street lawyer until 1987, Auchincloss produced 30 novels and 17 volumes of short stories.
LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS was a New York lawyer and author whose novels chronicled the lives, careers and characters of the patrician families in the exclusive enclaves of America's eastern seaboard.
To give them their due, the singers included Teri Dunn,Anne Grimm and Agnes Zsigovics (sopranos), Daniel Cabena and Peter Mahon (altos), Daniel Auchincloss and Keith Klassen (tenors) and Andrew Mahon (baritone) and Giles Tomkins (bass-baritone).
Beyond spray-drying, SuperiorPowders offers extensive value-added possibilities for dry mixing," added Les Auchincloss, Chairman, Marigot Ltd.
Patients and families arrive in a two-story, glass-enclosed lobby featuring a suspended copper leaf sculpture by Vermont artist Gordon Auchincloss.
Gelderman's liberal and adept use of Auchincloss anecdotes and taped interviews with his friends and associates adds insight into both the man and his writing.
ET) presentation by CEO James Barber and CFO Tom Auchincloss will be webcast via the company's web site at www.
Rural residents often confront significant barriers when seeking health care, including limited numbers of primary care and specialist physicians nearby, the absence of sophisticated inpatient and diagnostic services, lack of public transportation, and inadequate or absent health insurance coverage, compounded by widespread poverty, low rates of employment-related health insurance, and fragile socioeconomic infrastructures (Ricketts 1999, 2005; Auchincloss and Hadden 2002; Gamm et al.
Auchincloss was appointed Principal Deputy Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and assumed his duties on March 1.
by a sketch of a spiral staircase from a Jene Highstein show at Pamela Auchincloss Project Space; STILL IN SCHOOL
In Reading Henry James, Louis Auchincloss complained that the description of these would-be world-changers amounted to grotesque caricature.