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a young foreigner who lives with a family in return for doing light housework

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In 1997 au-pair Louise Woodward, then 19, was convicted of the second degree murder of Matthew Eappen, eight months old.
l In November 1997 au-pair Louise Woodward, then aged 19, was convicted by a jury in Boston, Massachusetts, of the second-degree murder of Matthew Eappen, eight months old, when he was in her care.
Sporting a dodgy hairstyle and hideous jeans, fresh-faced Nigel's character Neil lusts after the family au-pair.
Like Louise, Lisa Jerome was thrilled to be accepted by an au-pair agency to spend a year working in the US.
I'm talking to one-quarter of Birmingham's own Au-Pairs, drummer and percussionist Pete Hammond, on the reissue of their second album, Sense and Sensuality, originally released in 1982.
Formed in the post-punk Birmingham of 1978, The Au-Pairs, unlike the Swedes, richly exploited the possibilities and tensions inherent in such a setup where each group member plays an active part in writing and performance.
The Au-Pairs weren't the most experimental band around at the time but there was a definite angle on things - subject matter of songs, lyrics and an overall sound that I don't hear these days.
Pete, and Au-Pairs guitarist Paul Foad, who later joins the conversation, have been responsible for seeing the project through.
Earlier, one live reviewer had slated an Au-Pairs gig in Liverpool.