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Synonyms for attune

Synonyms for attune

to alter for proper functioning

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adjust or accustom to

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This is an excellent example of how grounding methods can enhance attunement to physiological responding and thus help clients to regulate affect and physiological response.
Anxiety is an exceptional attunement that unveils to Dasein the grounds that underlie every perception and practice: the very being of the world, the self, and our being-in.
For example, at the beginning of her Focusing and art session Renee very quickly envisaged an underwater scene following the attunement and invitation:
Teaching Tedium alongside philosophical reflections on Langeweile and other forms of tedium highlighted affinities between philosophizing and theater-making and the potential of both kinds of texts to provoke the experience of tedium and attunement through the performance and the critical analysis of that experience.
The six themes that emerged from the narratives of the missionary participants were (a) agency attunement to missionary needs, (b) agency provision for missionary needs, (c) invested church partnership, (d) the impact of relationships, (e) missionaries' self-care, and (f) consistency of care across the missionary life-cycle.
We may call this type of empathy, [13] which is at play from the very beginning of our life, non-conative--a kind of spontaneous and pre-reflective attunement between embodied selves through which we implicitly make sense of the other's behaviour.
The emergence of affective involvement in the early parent-child relationship has been extensively described by Stern (1985), who emphasized the key role of affect attunement by the parent in this process.
Gordon said oxytocin facilitated social attunement, a process that makes the brain regions involved in social behaviour and social cognition activate more for social stimuli (such as faces) and activate less for non-social stimuli (such as cars).
It contains three modules of six sessions each, which focus on attachment theory, patterns of attachment, developmental trauma, emotional regulation, and therapeutic parenting; the house model of parenting, which emphasizes the family as a secure base and addresses developing parenting skills matched to the emotional and behavioral needs of children, empathy and support, attunement to increase empathy, protecting the family atmosphere, creating a feeling of belonging, and looking after oneself; and how parents can build a relationship with children while managing their behavior.
This will enable a strong foundation for future relationships and a sense of attunement to who you are, how far you've come, how you got there and most importantly, where you would like to be.
Because of Abe's attunement, her work seems to capture a moment in time, yet it is unclear if we are catching something in a state of growth or decay, in a moment of destruction or healing.
The program reaches "the spirit within" each resident through an involvement with and attunement to the multiple sensory modalities.
Gradual attunement to subtle energies and psychic perception may adjust the senses to light, color, and sound sensitivity that develop aura vision.
That provides attunement to sexual desire and a guide to boundaries around sex.