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Synonyms for attune

Synonyms for attune

to alter for proper functioning

Words related to attune

adjust or accustom to

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For shared leadership to breathe new life into whole school renewal, all leaders, including and especially the principal need to maintain a focus on the moment-to-moment emotional attunements that define experiences in spite of cognitive constructions and beliefs that may coexist along side of these.
The relationship between the nurse and patient, the attunement or connectedness was the overarching theme emerging from the data.
to maternity, which exemplifies complete pre-reflective attunement to
In a recent study titled "Couple Attachment as Physiological Attunement," Hazan and her research team were investigating whether couples who scored high on a paper-and-pencil measure of attachment showed a different physiological pattern than pairs whose score indicated that they had not developed such deep bonds.
In the extended sense in which I have been using the term, beauty is the pleasurable activity by which humans exercise attunement with their world, by which they understand and "learn" their world.
In my experience, practicing yoga outside adds a depth of awareness, attunement, and joy to my session that continues to affect me beyond the day.
But when I get in touch with another religion, and I attune to their dimension of the holy, I can bring that attunement back and enhance my connection to God.
Editor Morgan says the "philosophy of symbolic forms" of Voegelin interprets the biblical history or literature as not just a record of past events, but as "the struggle for attunement to the partners in the community of being, a struggle for truth in relation to God and human beings, society and world.
According to Now & Zen's list of "50 Uses for the Affirmation Station," this gadget will help people achieve, among other goals, faster recovery from sickness, improved intimacy and sexual performance, clarification of life, improved golf swing, weight loss, and attunement to inner guidance as well as serve as a device for prayer.
Don't forget that-thickish animals though they may be, who will never concern their magnificent heads with questions of ethical philosophy or differential calculus, or even who's going to win Big Brother-they are creatures with a higher attunement to tension than even the most tightly strung human being.
Attunement is opening yourself to other points of view.
The author claims that from this ocean, droplets of knowledge trickle down into normal consciousness, according to the degree of attunement of the brain.
The accountants identified their profession's key values (continuing education and lifelong learning, competence, integrity, attunement with broad business issues, and objectivity) and their core competencies (communications skills, strategic and critical thinking skills, focus on client and market, interpretation of converging information, and technology).
Part Two, Habits of Mind," examines internal characteristics, examining the impact of perceptions, reflections, outlooks and biases, attunement to others, and inner convictions.
In hunter-gatherer societies, according to this view, keen attunement to the subtleties of trees, stones, heavenly bodies, and other facets of the world becomes a kind of conversation with these entities; it amounts to socializing with them as beings in their own right.