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Synonyms for God

Synonyms for God

the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe

a man of such superior qualities that he seems like a deity to other people

a material effigy that is worshipped

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10) This naming of God uses biblical language to say not what God does, but who God is; it names not God-for-us, but God-as-God; not the saving attributes of God, but the internal composition of God.
Dionysius speaks of such ideas as being-itself, life-itself, intelligence-itself; thus of features of creatures which are also attributes of God Himself.
The third chapter delves into a classical presentation of the attributes of God.
Next follows a study of the attributes of God which can be derived from the way in which his existence is established.
Natural theology has traditionally been known as the philosophical discipline that proves the existence and certain attributes of God.
22, Thomas Aquinas discussed it in the context of the attributes of God, just after observing that mercy and justice, each at its highest level, are both necessarily present in all of God's actions (q.
After a well-formed introduction contributors examine Jungel's dispute with classical philosophical tradition on the being and attributes of God, Jungel and Levinas on God and self in language, Jungel on Nietzsche, the starting-point of theological thinking, church and sacrament(s), passivity and activity, Jungel on Barth, and personal engagement with Jungel's work.
To the contrary, "The ethics of spiritualized Islam are based on a foundation of courtesy and modesty; courtesy toward the names and attributes of God, modesty in terms of the individual's affirmation of these traits as God's alone.
His work emphasizes 'Asharite (Muslim orthodox) theology and seeks to critique the interpretations of the rationalists as well as the traditionalists regarding such issues as the knowledge of God, the essence and attributes of God, and divine providence.
Wherever the attributes of God, those of love,care, forgiveness, healing, teaching etc.
The mind is delighted and perfected as it contemplates creation, the Incarnation, and the attributes of God.
Question 4 of the Shorter Catechism omits the word love when it lists the attributes of God.
It will suffice to indicate some of the themes, such as the dualistic attributes of God as overarching categories of existence, relationships within the divine nature symbolized by "the two hands of God," as heaven and earth, the cosmic symbolism of sex and marriage, and the feminine qualities of God.
AK Party Bursa deputy HE-seyin E[currency]ahin at one point said that touching Erdoy-an is a form of prayer, while AK Party DE-zce deputy Fevai Arslan said Erdoy-an has all the attributes of God.
In the present day, the main villain of the series is bent on finding and exploiting these Nour stones, while 99 individuals from different backgrounds are "chosen" by the stones and given special powers, based on the 99 attributes of God in Islam, to protect the world," Dr Al Mutawa said.