artificial horizon

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a navigational instrument based on a gyroscope

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The relationship between perceived empowerment and research attitude differed for both of the research attitude indicators and provided only partial support for this study's third hypothesis that students who report a greater sense of empowerment will have a more positive regard for research.
The parameters associated with the worker attitude indicator variables in the factor-bias model with the materials (M) equation eliminated appear to be strongest, judged by the size of their t-statistics.
WE WERE SINGLE ENGINE, single generator, depressurized, over a small cloud deck, with a bad standby attitude indicator (restricted to VMC only), and crossfeeding fuel over the middle of Alaska with the only airfield that isn't a gravel strip located an hour away.
The Goodrich JET Model AI-803 was specifically designed as a standby attitude indicator for high performance aircraft, serving military fleets around the world.
The Goodrich AIM model 1200 Attitude Indicator incorporates a new spin- bearing package that utilizes state-of-the-art bearing technology proven to increase reliability.
The best defense against misinterpreting a perceived horizon cue is to depend upon the attitude indicator.
The AI-803 Standby Attitude Indicator is part of a large family of J.
I looked at the attitude indicator, and to my disbelief, we were 30 degrees nose high, with a left turn that quickly was being returned to level.
But I knew that any hope of regaining electrical power was lost when the standby attitude indicator rolled over and died.
If you keep the attitude indicator level and near the horizon, the altimeter reading higher than the hard deck, and the airspeed under control, you will be OK.
Our attitude indicator was nose up and rolling left and right.
I then let them see the importance of frequent glances at the attitude indicator before we come back for the terminal work.
I soon began to have problems: Every time I came back to my attitude indicator, it would be a couple of degrees nose high, and I would have to trim it back down.
This time, however, all of the aircraft's displays, including the heads-up display (HUD), which is our primary attitude indicator, flashed briefly.
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