artificial horizon

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a navigational instrument based on a gyroscope

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The relationship between perceived empowerment and research attitude differed for both of the research attitude indicators and provided only partial support for this study's third hypothesis that students who report a greater sense of empowerment will have a more positive regard for research.
The parameters associated with the worker attitude indicator variables in the factor-bias model with the materials (M) equation eliminated appear to be strongest, judged by the size of their t-statistics.
Your attitude indicator shows you've continued to pitch up in hopes of getting a climbing indication.
Garmin's G5, on the other hand, is approved as a replacement for either the attitude indicator or the turn coordinator (not both), so it can be placed in either position.
A second, more complicated gripe was found during troubleshooting of the standby attitude indicator.
Historically, an additional attitude indicator and/or vacuum source were the only backup options available for instrument or vacuum failure in IMC--and they weren't cheap.
Pitch attitude, whether visually out the windows or as depicted on an attitude indicator, will be consistent for a given indicated airspeed and/or AoA at a given center of gravity location and airplane configuration (flap and landing gear position).
Contract awarded for provide firm fixed price quote to install standby attitude indicator into ap-3c flight simulator
He felt like he was straight and level, but noticed they were in a steep right turn according to the attitude indicator and turn needle.
During the climb, the pilot's Attitude Indicator (AI) also became erratic.
This typically allows the system's costly ADI to be replaced on the panel with a far more affordable attitude indicator as the required backup instrumentation.
If this is a steam gauge airplane, make a similar adjustment to the attitude indicator while it's fully erect.
That's not an altogether unreasonable way to go, since current portable ADS-B In receivers offer lots of capability, including a backup attitude indicator and synthetic vision.
IMC at night--with wind screaming, g-forces in all directions, attitude indicator tumbling and strobe flashes reflecting--is terrifying and could disorient most of us.
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