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Synonyms for attitude

Synonyms for attitude

the way in which one is placed or arranged

the way in which a person holds or carries his or her body

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

a general cast of mind with regard to something

Synonyms for attitude

a theatrical pose created for effect

position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion)

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A second reason for attitude change to accompany mandated use of technology is that participants required to use technology gain a better understanding of the benefits of such usage.
The goal is to achieve an attitude change that transforms self and images of success: Will Bowen is the founder of A Complaint Free World, a nonprofit that has affected people around the world, and which promotes lifestyle changes and tools for happiness.
You can't compete under those circumstances, but we showed an attitude change at half-time.
present this survey of research looking into the psychology of attitudes and attitude change and the behavior associated with it.
Sr Stanislaus Kennedy of the Immigrant Council of Ireland said effective integration will only come from attitude change among Irish people.
On the first of these, 10 of the 11 practitioners recorded passes, whereas on the second, 9 indicated an attitude change toward lower levels of test anxiety.
Researchers are testing attitude change in a follow-up study.
Begin with an attitude change, though it may take awhile to really mean it.
So I went back home and made a good attitude change," added Singh, who won his second title of the year at the Barclays Classic last week.
However, this study looked only at a short-term attitude change (same day) and did not examine actual behavior change.
That changed a bit this season, after team president and general manager Dean Lombardi demanded that Avery's attitude change.
Solution: A major cultural and attitude change occurred after the implementation of Voices School Design and Voices Reading Program.
It analyzed a total of 16 themes using 13 scales to measure attitude change from the first day of training to the end of the training period, just prior to the recruits' placement in an institutional setting.
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