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Synonyms for attitude

Synonyms for attitude

the way in which one is placed or arranged

the way in which a person holds or carries his or her body

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

a general cast of mind with regard to something

Synonyms for attitude

a theatrical pose created for effect

position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion)

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Another explanation for the inconsistent findings regarding attitude change may be due to confirmation bias.
Positive scores for attitude change indicated a shift toward a more positive attitude.
In a second study on Fatal Vision goggles, we found that the attitude change on the BADDS was not sustained one month following the program.
That is, students who frequently accessed WebCT content pages showed a greater degree of attitude change than those who accessed such pages less frequently.
This article also examined the extent to which the Supreme Court rulings induced attitude change among young adults.
The steps to accomplishing an attitude change are basically a strategy to alter an employee's opinion.
soon declared, "What we need to work on at the United States Naval Academy is an attitude change.
Hopefully, there will be an attitude change at the board in the way it deals with people.
We also found that the factors affecting the cognitive dissonance and attitude change of individuals partially predicted student attitudes toward the examinations.
Wales) present a textbook for a graduate or upper-year undergraduate course on attitudes and attitude change for psychology students.
We sought to assess attitudes and attitude change regarding contemporary issues in education (i.
If my attitude is a problem then there is no attitude change that could convince David.
Attitude change often lags behind techno-economic development, and it seems to me, a woman, that it is taking a long time for many men to understand that the reasons for a sexual division of labor have largely evaporated.
If you didn't take "corporate compliance" seriously before, now is the time for an attitude change.
The Psychology of Attitudes & Attitude Change, 2nd Edition
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