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a small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin

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It is great that Attillio has come to join us," said Mancini on the club's website.
Thomson played under top managers including Terry Venables, Trevor Francis, Steve Coppell and Attillio Lombardo in a nine-year stint with Crystal Palace.
Stochastic screening can be used on a wide variety of applications from publications to commercial to packaging on offset presses," said Attillio Paolilo, director of sheetfed and web offset sales and marketing, Sun Chemical Canada.
PANTRINI'S was started by Lee's great-grandfather Attillio Pantrini, who came over from Italy with his cousins, the Bertorellis, in the 1920s.
Attillio started an ice cream factory in Whitley Bay, and ran ice cream parlours and cafes on the seafront.