Attila the Hun

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On one side we've got the warmongering George Bush, thick as a plank and way to the right of Attilla the Hun.
On my brief experience of Ange, I'd say that's like describing Attilla the Hun as 'a bit pushy'.
Even so, Laurence Squire, who featured in the Racing Post this week as one of the `success stories' of the Jockeys' Employment and Training Scheme, takes the full family-sized pack of biscuits for the daftest career move since Attilla the Hun went into public relations.
As a historical figure, Vlad is about as unlikely an inspiration for a theme park as you can find - right up there with Jeffrey Dahmer and Attilla the Hun.
Of course, Schumacher was driving a Ferrari but for the Italians Attilla the Hun could have been behind the wheel and it would still have been OK.