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On my brief experience of Ange, I'd say that's like describing Attilla the Hun as 'a bit pushy'.
As a historical figure, Vlad is about as unlikely an inspiration for a theme park as you can find - right up there with Jeffrey Dahmer and Attilla the Hun.
Turner beat off European competition from Sergy Insakov and Attilla Bella to win the 200m in 20.
The infamous reference to Attilla the Hun was widely suppressed in the German press, but the quotation was circulated on postcards throughout Germany, cf.
or the reckless Attilla, or the thoroughly whipped Petrarch.
Buoyed by a string of hits that included "Tie Tongue Mopsy, "Jump in the Line," and "Chinese Never Had a VJ Day," he prepared for stiff competition from a neighboring tent featuring such stars as Roaring Lion and Attilla.
Attilla features large-scale accents, such as statues and sconces, retailing from $20 to $300.
It's a bit like the chicken and the egg," says Attilla Yesilada, director of research at Global Securities in Istanbul.
iCSC by Microprojects accesses Attilla Danko's Clear Sky Charts.
Of course, Schumacher was driving a Ferrari but for the Italians Attilla the Hun could have been behind the wheel and it would still have been OK.
In Scotland, her friends knew her admiringly, and her enemies spitefully, as Hurricane Helen, Stalin's Granny, Attilla The Hen and The Other Iron Lady.
The top award went to Attilla Kovacs of NEC for his presentation entitled, "Reduce Turnaround Time of Large Flat Designs with Blast Plan(TM) Pro.
If you live in North America and have a PC running Windows Vista, you can have Attilla Danko's Clear Sky Clock (CSC) on your desktop 24 hours a day.