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a small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin

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There was Attilio smiling gently under bushy eyebrows.
Ciro and Attilio --who have a warm father-son dynamic --are at different stages of life, but they are ultimately just working men trying to get by.
Nomme au mois auparavant a Ksar Said, le premier conseil scientifique de la SAIC preside par Attilio Mastino a adopte a l'unanimite le statut de l'Ecole qui sera sous forme d'une societe scientifique constituee d'un noyau de 25 membres.
attilio fiumarella "I don't know who he was living with, people always seemed to be coming and going from that house.
Novara appointed Emiliano Mondonico to replace Attilio Tesser and 37 days later they changed their mind and reinstated Tesser.
Most days, Attilio Pavoncello, an Italian Jew and amateur chef, can he found on Via Portico D'Ottavia, the main street of Rome's former Jewish ghetto, helping out at Iris wife Speranza's souvenir shop or his son Umberto's kosher restaurant.
The move has not gone down well with the more senior players, who are being forced into the later sessions with coach Attilio Lombardo to ensure their mood does not impact on the other first team players.
1 At which English club was Attilio Lombardo player-manager?
He said that the living zone concept is created by Italian architects Mr Attilio Lapietra and Mrs Tiziana Burrini from ARTEX, the Centre for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany.
They discovered that dashing gangster Attilio Messina was Raymond's father.
This book by Professor Attilio Petruccioli is an important contribution to understanding the built city environment.
ISLAMABAD, 21 April , 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Italian special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ambassador Attilio Massimo Lannucci will visit Pakistan on April 22 for high-level meetings with federal and provincial authorities.
Y es esta busqueda, mas alla de algunas coincidencias formales, la que parece aunar el trabajo de Angela Hernandez y Attilio Aleotti.
3 million building, located at the crossroads at the main entrance to the Rindge campus, is named Attilio and Beverly Petrocelli Hall in honor of the major donors to the project.
All three newly promoted teams - Bolton, Danny Wilson's Barnsley and Italian midfielder Attilio Lombardo's Crystal Palace - went straight back down after just one season among the big boys.