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Melanie Taylor Burgess's idea of costuming Attila and his hordes in guerrilla fatigues went along with the attempt to make the piece contemporary Relyea had white flirs over his fatigues, while the non-Huns had uniforms that looked like generic revolutionary army attire from early yestercentury--making it easier to differentiate who was who on stage.
Appointment of Business Development Manager to strengthen pathway to production at Attila and Central Bore gold deposits
The greatest extent of the Hun empire was under Attila, who invaded the Balkans, Gaul, and Italy.
If, as his name suggests, he is a cross between Kerry Katona and Attila the Hun, he represents a fearsome individual indeed.
Sutton Coldfield businessman Attila Balogh with his Cirrus SR22 aircraft in which he set a world speed record from Coventry to Budapest
This latest achievement comes just four months after American-born Attila set three world speed records between Coventry and Budapest.
It took all my persuasive skills to convince him that Attila wasn't, as he would say, "bent".
Attila hit a three-pointer to start the game after Carter dived to the ground for a loose ball but had just one field goal after that.
Attila The Hun (BBC1, Monday) was a terrifying sight back in the 1st century AD, as actor Rory McCann shows in this impressive dramatic recon-struction, part of the Heroes And Villains series.
Lately led by the emperor Attila, the self-styled "Scourge of God," the Huns were no strangers to the newly Christianized realms of the eastern and western Roman empire.
It's also got a couple good interviews, with London poet Attila the Stockbroker, Parisian artist Sophie Toulouse, New York City photographer Peter Sutherland, and Australian street artist Yok.
Despite threats against her life, she prevented Parisians from fleeing to certain death when the city was under attack from Attila the Hun.
A Tribute to Attila Jozsef on the 70th Anniversary of His Death (Courtenay Hill: Abbey Press, 2007)
It collects all the poems, sketches, reminiscences, and unpublished notes of Gyula Illyes (1902-83) on his friend (and, at one stage, rival), socialist poet Attila Jozsef.
recently appointed Attila Nagy as sales manager for Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.