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the territory of Athens in ancient Greece where the Ionic dialect was spoken

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Attiki is a rich, aromatic single-provenance Greek honey produced by bees that collect nectar from hundreds of wild flowers and trees that grow naturally on the islands and mountain sides of Greece.
Greek officials said they had received 150 calls for help from homes flooded by heavy rain in the Attiki and Corinth regions.
Through the guiding hand of Finance Minister Attiki in the 1960s and 70s, and whose influence continued through the 1980s, the KFTCIC was exceptionally well-run for a development agency.
The two suppliers will take a 49 per cent stake in the Greek government-run EPA ATTIKI company which currently supplies gas to 8,000 customers.
Attiki is the administrative region of Greece that includes Athens and the Olympic venues.
Olympic Air, a Greek carrier, yesterday announced that it will implement an 1814 tree planting programme in the Kalivia Attikis.