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Principle on which dose distribution in gels is imaged by CT depends on linear attenuation coefficient of polymer gels after irradiation.
AP] is the attenuation coefficient for polymer bound additive package AP.
The total attenuation coefficient is change depending on the presence of downpour and this attenuation coefficient is the sum of the absorption and the scattering coefficients from aerosols and molecular constituents of the atmosphere, so:
The homogeneous regions in the satellite image with a uniform bottom reflectance were selected to be used for attenuation coefficient calculation.
b](t) is an exponentially decreasing function in time t, where a in (2) is the attenuation coefficient of the backorder demand rate.
Correlation between estimated macro and micro nutrients by the FFQ and 24HRs was investigated with the help of the Pearson correlation coefficient and attenuation coefficient, which were calculated by a correlation test and simple linear regression respectively.
Attenuation coefficient of renal HC is not modified by contrast agent injection.
3), we defined a new dimensional parameter, temperature attenuation coefficient [alpha] by Eq.
The attenuation coefficient for the proposed filter with S-CSRRs is numerically computed and compared with CSRRs (without the slit).
The standard experimental method is to vary the attenuation length, keeping the aperture plane at the fixed source-to-FAC distance, and thus to derive the effective attenuation coefficient for the air kerma.
The calculated attenuation coefficient which represents the dynamic response;
This is particularly true for systems involved in industrial process with their objectives in mind, an attempt has been made to investigate the variations of ultrasonic velocity (v), attenuation coefficient ([alpha]), density (p) and viscosity ([eta]) in aniline and alcohols as a function of concentration and temperature.
For Al, the attenuation coefficient a (of the exponential decay with distance) is 0.