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T] = average temperature v = velocity p = Pressure P = perimeter of the shaft Pr = Prandtl number W = thickness of the shaft wall x = height of interests Greek symbols a = temperature attenuation coefficient [DELTA] = difference [epsilon] = roughness [eta] = normalized temperature rise in the fire floor due to fire [theta] = normalized temperature [lambda] = thermal conductivity [mu] = dynamic viscosity v = kinematic viscosity [?
The effective attenuation coefficient was then estimated according to
The integral version of the primary production model needs (as initial data) an irradiance estimate for the entire PAR spectrum (the spectral values of the incident irradiance and diffuse attenuation coefficient are not necessary).
A good match between the amplitude of the wakes and the attenuation coefficient is evident on some days.
5 shows the values of the longitudinal sound wave attenuation coefficient after analysing acoustic properties of wood chipboard and gypsum cardboard.
The attenuation coefficient describes the loss of ultrasonic energy due to scattering.
The mass attenuation coefficient is a material property of the mat that can be determined by a calibration experiment or from literature (Olson and Arganbright 1981, Moschler and Dougal 1988, Cullity and Stock 2001).
The mean linear attenuation coefficients in the mid labial region in 1 mm steps from incisor tip to the root apex were measured and calibrated against the aluminium wire standard with a linear correlation coefficient of 1.
Beam attenuation coefficient was measured with the same instrument.
The data consist of the concentrations of OAS in ice and under-ice water, the spectra of the beam attenuation coefficient for filtered and unfiltered water (for ice they are determined from meltwater), and the values of quantum irradiance above and below ice cover.
An algorithm called Microvis (2000) developed by Embrapa Agricultural Instrumentation (CNPDIA--Sao Carlos, Brazil) was used for image reconstruction, using tomographic units (TU) related to the soil linear attenuation coefficient [mu] ([cm.
Moreover, detection of changes in the refractive indices of a medium is more sensitive parameter than X-ray attenuation coefficient or mismatch of ultrasonic acoustic impedance.