mitigating circumstance

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(law) a circumstance that does not exonerate a person but which reduces the penalty associated with the offense

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Element analysis, championed by the Model Penal Code, is as follows: There are five generic elements in all criminal offenses: actus reus, mental element, harmful result, causation, and attendant circumstances (e.
241) The attendant circumstance is the fact that the fish or wildlife was acquired illegally.
Victor's Peace refers to the attendant circumstances in which a post war climate is fixed by an absolute winner, and the circumstances allow for the complete exclusion or marginalization of the loser or losers.
Merely because a crime is heinous per se may not be a sufficient reason for the imposition of death penalty without reference to the other factors and attendant circumstances.
Proof of the crime requires first proving the attendant circumstances that an unpaid tax liability exists.
what mens rea and attendant circumstances, can subject them to criminal
The court emphasized that the borrower's intention to encumber the property must be clearly manifest in the parties' language and the attendant circumstances.
A court must consider all attendant circumstances to determine whether the patient could have reasonably believed the physician was provided by the hospital.
Bre was one of the 1,000 children currently placed in foster homes in Lane County, usually because of meth and its attendant circumstances.
Hence, treating them serially and in isolation from their attendant circumstances only obscures their meaning.
Instead, the transaction's probability should be supported by observable facts and the attendant circumstances, such as the following: