Orbignya phalerata

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tall feather palm of northern Brazil with hard-shelled nuts yielding valuable oil and a kind of vegetable ivory

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Other exports to the international market include fruits of Attalea speciosa (Mitja & Ferraz, 2001) and E.
In some cases harvest is made in the peasant's own property, whereas in other areas, landless peasants harvest palms in private lands with or without permission from the land owners, as is the case with Attalea speciosa (Pinheiro, 2004) and Butia capitata (Carvalho, 2008) in Brazil, and with Astrocaryum malybo, Copernicia tectorum and Attalea butyracea in northern Colombia (Barrera et al.
microcarpa Accepted pro parte Attalea salazarii Accepted Described as new Attalea salvadorensis Accepted Described as new Attalea seabrensis Accepted Described as new Attalea septuagenata# Accepted Accepted Attalea speciosa Accepted Accepted as Orbignya phalerata Attalea spectabilis Accepted Doubtful Attalea tessmannii# Accepted Accepted Attalea vitrivir Accepted Accepted as Orbignya oleifera Attalea weberbaueri Accepted Accepted Attalea wesselsboerii Accepted Described as new Combined Henderson et taxon list al.
Emergency medicine include some that are derived from palms, especially medicines with stypic properties such as those derived from Attalea speciosa and used by the Apinaye and Guajajara Indians of northeastern Brazil (Balick, 1986).
Euterpe precatoria, Attalea phalerata, Attalea speciosa, Acrocomia aculeata, Bactrisgasipaes, Socratea exorrhiza and Mauritiaflexuosa are all native to the region and are employed in 7-12 different medicinal use categories.