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the acute angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative wind and the chord of an airfoil

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In this paper, Large Eddy Simulations have been performed aiming at studying the unsteady flow field around a rectangular cylinder with aspect ratio 5 : 1 at 4[degrees] attack angle, when a small level of incoming turbulence is taken into account.
3) higher flight stability, with the attack angle, sideslip angle, roll angle, rotational angular velocity, and deflection of aerodynamic fins remaining stable during the whole flight, while those of conventional design schemes tend to diverge when the interceptor approaches the target.
To verify grid independence, three grid systems consisting of about 132, 500, 294, 000 and 380, 000 cells, were tested for vortex-enhanced flow with the three-pair V- array placed at the attack angle [beta] = 30[degrees] and Re = 940.
The material with smaller bulk modulus and the flow with higher attack angle both give the surface a higher sensibility.
A positive attack angle is favoured when driving, and this clearly would not assist your ability to contact the ball - in particular from a tight lie.
On the Turbo, the four-piece rear wing deploys in stages until, at 127 mph, it attains a 10-degree attack angle for max down force until the car reaches its top speed of 188 mph.
Erosive wear taking place in oil shale path can be classified according to the size of attack angle in places subjected to wear.
Such data as attack angle, path angle, launch angle, spin rate, side spin, head spin and ball speed compiled from the cameras appear on one LCD screen and an animated illustration of what each full shot would look like is shown on another LCD screen.
It's a strange request, too, because the nose of the new silver Land Rover LR3 HSE is pointing downhill at such a jet-fighter attack angle that we strain against our seat belts.
The horizontally positioned FPC with N-S axis [7,8] is actual for equatorial regions; at high latitudes the attack angle (of the beam radiation) is high and collector or PV-module performance is poor.
Because the turn is poor, the hands and arms pick the club up steeply in the backswing leading to a steep attack angle during the downswing.
The first component is a chemical admixture (caltite), which is added at the batching/mixing stage in a sufficient dosage (30 litres/ cu m) to effectively line the pore capillary structure with a highly water repellent material necessary to change the attack angle of water and prevent the formation of a meniscus within the pores and capillaries.
For example, a flare pattern must be effective regardless of variations in threat type, attack angle and attack range.
Offering higher capacity ratings while at the same time maintaining long meter life can be achieved by altering the attack angle of the turbine rotor blades.