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a member of a North American Indian people of northern California

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the Shastan language spoken by the Atsugewi

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Atsugewi), sjevernoamerickog jezika koji se govori na podrucju sjeverne Kalifornije.
the Tiriyo "aquatic" postposition hkao (Meira 2006), "dispositional" predicates in Tzeltal (Brown 1994, 2006) or verbal locative suffixes in Atsugewi (Talmy 2000).
The descendants of the Achomawi and Atsugewi of northeastern California; the Nomlaki, Modoc, Yana, Whilkut, Wintu, and Wiyot of northwestern California; the Maidu, Miwok, and Yokuts of south-central California and the Paiute and Washoe of eastern California still stories of Gold Rush massacres.