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the Greek goddess of fate who cuts the thread of life

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Atropos editor Mark Tunmore said: "Moth Night comes at a particularly exciting time this year following a long period of warm weather in July.
Hassapis & Sons, Andreas Georgiou Property Developers, Demetris Elias & Sons, PMP Adamia Developers, Leptos Estates, Pafilia Property Developers, Yianmarie Properties, Cybarco, Panikkos Livadiotis, Atropos Hotels, Evagoras Properties, Arethousa Developments and Promitheus Investments.
Moth Night is organised by Butterfly Conservation and journal Atropos, and will include a series of daytime searches and night-time moth recording across the UK.
Acheron is the River of Pain in the Underworld, where you must go, and Atropos is the Fate who snips the thread of life with her terrible shears.
The Fates, the goddesses of fate, once more: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, that turn the workings of the world, moving the seven celestial spheres of the cosmos like so many spindles inside one another; weaving a thread that is spun on Clotho's spindle, measured with Lachesis's rod, to be snipped with Atropos's shears.
They are the Fates, the Moerae, the Parcae, or the Norns, the third of whom is called Atropos, the inexorable (296).
Mae'r enw Atropa yn dod o Atropos, sef un o'r Tynghedau ym mytholeg Gwlad Groeg.
Hubertus von Amelunxen (New York: Atropos Press, 2009), 79.
The simile of moon as heart is overlaid with the metaphor of moon as a life hanging by a thread, though this divine heart is dead even without its thread being cut by Atropos.
In the end, as is made clear in the last, brutally bureaucratic letter by Atropos, the Fate responsible for terminating our time on earth, life and books come to an end: "Now.
Digilab was created in 2001 when Bio-Rad sold the business to Atropos Technologies (see IBO 10/31/01).
Atropos will acquire the former Cambridge, Massachusetts-based business specializing in sophisticated spectral imaging instruments, accessories and software, and assume the new name of Digilab L.
She mourns the untimely passing of the king, who died in the flower of his youth, and she curses the Fate Atropos for bringing an end to their "jeunes ans" of marriage.
Trainer Bill Haigh signed off with a winner at Lingfield when Legal Issue, his last runner, took division one of the Atropos Handicap under Tim Sprake.