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The anti-diarrhea product Donnagel cannot contain atropine sulfate, hyoscyamine sulfate, or scopolamine hydrobromide.
today announced that its collaborators at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) have completed a Phase I study at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with atropine sulfate delivered from the MicroDose proprietary dry powder inhaler (DPI).
In the event of atrioventricular block, intravenous atropine sulfate can usually restore sinus rhythm, but in some refractory cases, vasopressor agents or a temporary pacemaker may be needed (5).
Atropine sulfate did not change either the electrocardiographic parameters or the intraventricular pressure effects promoted by the A.
Atropine sulfate injection (Baxter Health Care, Deerfield, IL) was given at a dose of 0.
Contract awarded for event 3870/2015 atropine sulfate injection 0.