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Tropane alkaloid production by hairy roots of Atropa belladonna obtained after transformation with Agrobacterium rhizogenes 15834 and Agrobacterium tumefaciens containing rolA, B, C genes only.
Role of putrescine in salt tolerance of Atropa belladonna plant.
The action of muscarine is antagonized by atropine, which is a product of the plant called Atropa bella-donna (beautiful lady): the plant shrub has been used for visual appeal, as atropine causes dilation of the pupils (mydriasis).
Atropa acuminata Royle ex Lindley Root and leaves narcotic, sedative, diuretic Bergenia ciliata (Haw.
The synthetic production of these alkaloids is more expensive than their extraction from plant materials and they are, therefore, currently industrially extracted from various Solanaceous plants belonging to the genera Atropa, Duboisia, Datura and Hyoscyamus.
Mae'r enw Atropa yn dod o Atropos, sef un o'r Tynghedau ym mytholeg Gwlad Groeg.
2) Esta cura experimental, muy popular para tratar a alcoholicos y otros adictos durante la primera mitad del siglo xx, consistia en la aplicacion intravenosa de una mezcla de Atropa belladonna--que causaba delirios y alucinaciones--y Hyoscyamus niger--otro poderoso alucinogeno--, cada hora, durante dos dias.
He displayed psychomotor agitation, confusion, flushed and warmed skin, urinary retention, dry mouth and dilated pupils within 3 hours of ingesting of a plant, Atropa belladonna, which has been used as a traditional folk remedy for relieving peptic ulcer disease.
Amino acid sequences of ferredoxins from Atropa belladonna and Hyoscyamus niger: Their similarities to those in other tropane-alkaloid-containing plants.
For example, the leaf extract of Atropa belladonna with its main agent 1-hyoscyamin develops a stronger effectiveness because of presence of the concomitant flavonol-triglycosides in the extract which act as resorption catalyzer (List et al.
Overexpression of tropinone reductases alters alkaloid composition in Atropa belladonna root cultures.
Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) was restricted based on very dubious evidence, including the poisoning of two Canadians who consumed an adulterated form of comfrey tea which contained Atropa belladonna--a herb with known toxic properties (Anonymous 1983).
Part three, Atropa, brings the figure of Agamemnon into reckoning with the many women he famously caused pain.
Hyoscyamine and scoplamine are also the main active ingredients in Datura stramonium and Atropa belladonna.