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Seeds of Atriplex semibaccata, Rhagodia candolleana, and Suaeda australis were collected in February 2015 from Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve, Williamstown on the southern coast of Victoria (Fig.
08 g/kg) were recorded in Phragmites australis, Lophochloa cristata and Atriplex halimus, respectively.
Molluscicidal and larvicidal activities of Atriplex inflata aerial parts against the mollusk Galba truncatula, intermediate host of Fasciola hepatica.
The positive side: Bryonia dioica; Avena sterilis; Withania frutescens; Arthrocnemum glaucum; Atriplex halimus; Acacia sp; Arundo donax; Typha latifolia; Calycotome intermedia; Ziziphus lotus; Zygophyllum sp; Suaeda fructicosa.
The physiognomy is given mainly by Atriplex halimus and the bushes of Suaeda vera, this last species on the Isola Lachea achieving high cover values.
Enhanced salinity tolerance in transgenic maize plants expressing a BADH gene from Atriplex micrantha.
Seedlings of a variety of halophytic marsh species including Suaeda esteroa, estuary seablite, and Salicornia bigelovii, dwarf pickleweed, and a variety of coastal sage scrub species like Atriplex canescens, four-wing salt bush, have been successfully grown in greenhouses and transplanted for restoration purposes (Zedler 2001, Francis 2009).
Plants planted at the new park include Washingtonia, Neem, Delonix regia, Atriplex and Tecoma, to name a few.
Further, published data that salinity increases succulence and leaf thickness in plants like Cakile maritime [16], Nitraria retusa, and Atriplex halimus [10] Brassica napus L.
The nutritive evaluation of mixture of fresh acacia and atriplex (1:1, FAA) and mixture of silages of acacia and atriplex (1:1, AAS), revealed that the mixing acacia with atriplex in fresh form could be formed good quality roughage and alternative animal feed resource for ruminant feeding especially in the dry season or when roughage source availability was low (El-Waziry, 2007).
tenuipennis is abundant on fourwing saltbush, Atriplex canescens; it also occurs on cattle saltbush, Atriplex polycarpa, seepweed or seabite, Suaeda spp.
The pattern-ground chenopod shrubland complexes in Australia are predominantly vegetated by the plant genus Atriplex if the slope is 1-5% (Macdonald et al.
Integrantes de viveros comunitarios participantes: AL = Vivero Atriplex lampa, Anelo.