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This contrasts with the accumulation of salts within the root-zone of Atriplex species (Barrett-Lennard and Malcolm 1999), which raises questions about the long-term sustainability of systems that are based on Atriplex species.
Effect of salinity on germination and seedling growth of two Atriplex species (Chenopodiaceae).
Atriplex, Rhagodia) for low-input pasture production from poorer soils).
Effect of salinity on seed germination, growth and ion accumulation of Atriplex patula (Chenopodiaceae) // Am.
Physiological responses and structural modifications in Atriplex halimus L.
The subsurface drainage water from the trees is then used to irrigate the atriplex.
Saline land that would be indicated by salt-lovers like Atriplex confertifolia (of the saltbush group) or Kochia would support crops only in very rainy years.
Atriplex species growing elsewhere in the world are not mycorrhizal, other studies have shown.
The pattern-ground chenopod shrubland complexes in Australia are predominantly vegetated by the plant genus Atriplex if the slope is 1-5% (Macdonald et al.
The tested plants (Figure 02) are fodder bushes belonging to three halophytes species of Atriplex kind: A.
Another impact of periodic droughts is the small number of shrubs present in this environment, which includes Atriplex canesens (saltbush), Chrysothamnus nauseosus (rabbit bush), Opuntia polyanthemos (plains prickly pear cactus) , and Yucca glauca (soapweed yucca).
For example, in their study of plant water stress, Freeman and McArthur (1982) found no difference in the water stress of male and female Atriplex canescens (a desert shrub) in June when they flower, but that females became progressively more stressed as they matured their fruits in July and August.