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a valve to control one-way flow of blood

an implant that replaces a natural cardiac valve

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Subjective assessment of the right atrioventricular valve was unremarkable.
The major criteria were as follows: endomyocardial plaques > 2 mm in thickness (2); thin ([less than or equal to] 1 mm) endomyocardial patches affecting more than one ventricular wall (3); obliteration of the RV or LV apex (4); thrombi or spontaneous contrast without severe ventricular dysfunction (4); retraction of the RV apex (RV apical notch) (4); and atrioventricular valve dysfunction due to adhesion of the valvular apparatus to the ventricular wall (1 - 4, depending on the severity of regurgitation).
7 cm CVRL, atrioventricular valves consisted of large number of mesenchymal cells with fibroblasts, collagen fibers, and elastic fibers in first group which became cellular with age.
Defects in the crest of the interventricular septum, the atrioventricular valves, and outflow tracts make up the majority of congenital heart defects observed in infants.
Beside these changes insufficiency of both atrioventricular valves (tricuspid valve, mitral valve) may occur.
This disorder is characterized by atrioventricular and ventriculo-great arterial discordance, and may occur as an isolated anomaly or associated to other congenital disorders like VSD, pulmonary stenosis, anomalies of the atrioventricular valves (Ebstein's-like malformation), complete heart block, dextrocardia and ASD.
The middle portion of the heart -- the atrioventricular valves and related area -- is formed by the endocardial cushions.
The substrate for pacemaker syndrome is atrial contraction against closed atrioventricular valves (mitral and/or tricuspid) which can trigger a series of adverse haemodynamic and neurohumoral disturbances.