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Synonyms for doxycycline

an antibiotic derived from tetracycline that is effective against many infections

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We believe that our 120-person professional dental sales force can significantly increase the use of Atridox as the preferred local anti-microbial treatment for adult periodontitis.
Rationale for the use of Atridox therapy for managing periodontal patients.
Atridox combines the company's Atrigel(R) drug delivery system with the antibiotic doxycycline to dramatically reduce the bacteria associated with periodontal disease.
We are happy to add Switzerland to the list of countries marketing Atridox," said Dr.
We are pleased to have licensed distribution and marketing of Atridox to Sidus, the fourth largest pharmaceutical group in Argentina with a strong presence in Latin American countries," said Dr.
ATRIDOX is currently marketed in the United States and United Kingdom and has received approval in 11 other European countries through the Decentralized Mutual Recognition procedure of the European Union (EU).
Atrix recently received approval in 11 European countries to market ATRIDOX (doxycycline) 8.
First, the results of a new Atrix initiated study showing how ATRIDOX can be used at the time of routine dental cleanings and during continued maintenance in treating chronic adult periodontitis are being developed into new marketing initiatives.
Food and Drug Administration in late 1998, ATRIDOX is the first and only locally delivered antibiotic treatment for chronic adult periodontitis that has been proven effective as a stand-alone therapy that leads to significant improvements in both pocket depth and attachment level, the primary indicators of healing, as well as to reduced bleeding of the gums.
Based on the potential of ATRIDOX and other current products, a strong new product development pipeline and our ongoing financial strength, we are very optimistic about the company's prospects in the years ahead," Bethune said.
We are proud Atridox bears this prestigious symbol and all it represents.
3 million from $847,000 primarily due to ATRIDOX sales to Block.
Because it is fast, easy and effective, ATRIDOX is expected to significantly expand the treatment of this widespread and potentially serious disease over the coming years and play an increasingly vital role in its overall management.
The clinical studies that led to the product's approval were the largest ever conducted for the treatment of periodontal disease, and these positive results have been confirmed in clinical practice since ATRIDOX has become available to dentists nationwide," said Dr.
Developed by Atrix, ATRIDOX was recently introduced in the United States by its North American marketing partner, Block Drug Corporation (Nasdaq: BLOCA).