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(Greek mythology) the king of Mycenae and father of Agamemnon and of Menelaus

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(3) "Avec ses doubles chars ecumants le fils d'Eaque avait tire Hector, / Polyxene avait ete egorgee pres du bucher ennemi, / Le roi des Thraces avait souille la terre du sang de l'innocent / Polydore, a la mort Pyrrhus avait donne Polites, / L'Atride Deiphobe et Paris le heros de Telamon.
(77) Ronsard, 6:33, 11.31-35: "FRANCOIS le premier Roi des vertus, & du nom, / Prenant a gre d'ouir l'Atride Agamenon / Parler en son langage, & par toi [Salel] les gensdarmes / De Priam, son ayeul, faire bruire leurs armes / D'un murmure francois."
The first recreates images of Greece (where the author served as a diplomat for a time) and its ancient myths, as can be found in the poems "En la casa de los Atridas" (In the house of the Atrides) and "Ulises vuelve a casa" (Ulysses returns home).
Motif traditionnel de l'epopee depuis la colere d'Achille, de la tragedie avec les Atrides, Medee, Horace ou le Cid, d'innombrables recits en prose, nouvelles galantes ou tragiques, memoires, romans, elle a egalement passionne les theoriciens, philosophes, theologiens, moralistes, juristes, ethnographes, sans oublier psychologues et medecins.
Then the mosquito turns to the remaining Greeks, singling out Agamemnon: 'Hic et Tantalae generamen prolis Atrides | adsidet, Argivum lumen, quo flamma regente | Doris Ericthonias prostravit funditus arces'.
The production continued the experimentation that the company had embarked upon during the '90s when metteur en scene Ariane Mnouchkine collaborated with writer Helene Cixous on Les Atrides. [8] In the mise en scene of the final play of the cycle The Eumenides Mnouchkine had conceptualized the ferocity of the Furies as dogs in a theatrical investigation of the collision between divine and human orders of being.
She recalled her intense experience, while attending a performance in 1984 of the Theatre du Soleil's production of Les Atrides, of the particular moment when the Furies are "tamed." For Tamu Gray this transformation brought a deep sense of "sadness and loss" (Gray interview).
By the following year, Barthes had become an outspoken proponent of Brechtian theatre and he seems to be judging Barrault's production of Oresteia as the antithesis of this model.(4) By contrast, Ariane Mnouchkine's recent Les Atrides at the Theatre du Soleil demonstrates, despite exotic elements borrowed from India and Asia, a historical responsibility of which Barthes would surely approve.
Aux Atrides qui se debattent sous l'etreinte d'un passe etranger et brutal
Gerhart Hauptmann 's Atriden - Tetralogie (Atrides Tetralogy) is a monumental treatment of the downfall of the house of Atreus.
Part 3, "Directorial Re-Visions," includes: Demetris Zavros, "Jan Fabre's Prometheus Landscape II: [De]territorialization of the Tragic and Transgressive Acts of Arson" (167-88); George Sampatakakis, "Dionysus the Destroyer of Traditions: The Bacchae on Stage" (189-212); Dominic Glynn, "Ariane Mnouchkine's Les Atrides: Uncovering a Classic" (213-26); Sue Hamstead, "Re-imaging Antigone: Contemporary Resonances in the Directorial Revisions of Character, Chorus and Staging" (227-50); George Rodosthenous, "Exodus: '[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII],: In Search of a Contemporary Catharsis" (251-52).
It's been pretty well established by now (The Mahabharata, Les Atrides, The Warrior Ant) that the cross-cultural exercise doesn't give the funny bone much of a workout.
There was little chance of surprise when the Theatre du Soleil brought Les Atrides, its ten-hour theatrical cycle of four Greek tragedies, to Brooklyn in October.