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In addition to these findings, it should be mentioned that observation by electron microscopy of atrial myocytes from ANP-gene-deficient mice did not reveal secretory granules (76).
The atrial-selective inhibition of sodium channel parameters is related not only to the differential electrophysiological properties between atrial myocardium and ventricular myocardium but also to Wenxin Granule-mediated inactivation of sodium channels in atrial myocytes.
The major findings of our study are as follows: (i) Electrophysiological changes in DM group included prolonged IACT and increased AERPD; (ii) Increased inducibility of AF and LA interstitial fibrosis are evident and may constitute a substrate for the development of AF; (iii) APD90 and APD50 of atrial myocytes were prolonged in diabetic rabbits.
Electron microscopy revealed secretory granules in atrial myocytes, which structurally resembled storage granules in peptide-hormone-producing cells (1, 2).
sup][21],[22] Furthermore, inflammation may initiate endothelial dysfunction and activation of rennin-angiotensin-aldosterone axis and play a part in the structural remodeling, including atrial fibrosis, loss of atrial myocytes mass.
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