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(Greek mythology) the king of Mycenae and father of Agamemnon and of Menelaus

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or an altar of Apollo are placed in front of the palace of the Atreidae
The Chorus enters in the Agamemnon singing of the events of ten years before, when the war began and the Atreidae, yoked in the honor that comes from Zeus (43), set forth.
These are happily enough accepted by the Tyndaridae, no doubt, but contain nothing that really stands out--unlike the offering of the Atreidae, who gave a collection of trained serving women, `all holding golden dishes in their hands': this prompted the Dioscuri to try to force Agamemnon to marry Helen himself, had he not been their brother-in-law already and simply representing his brother Menelaus (fr.
As she approaches its threshold, Cassandra sees the doomed palace for what it truly is, in glaring contrast to the almost comically banal identification and invitation for viewing made by the Chorus Leader: to his statement "[this is] the house of the Atreidae. If you understand / not that, I can tell you; and so much at least is true," she replies, "No, but a house that god hates, guilty within / of kindred blood shed, torture of its own, / the shambles for men's butchery, the dripping floor" (1088-92; [phrase omitted]).
Put in the simplest formula, Iphigenia must die in order for the Atreidae to retrieve Helen--one woman in exchange for another.
of the Atreidae: Aegisthus shows parallels with Orestes who, in turn,
But he remains for Ajax all that the hero detests: the sneaking reporter to the troops, and the henchman of the Atreidae who won through guile Achilles' armor, which the hulking second-best of the Achaeans deserved.