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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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After the conversion from the robots to Durr's new atomizer technology, KIA said good painting results were achieved over several weeks, which prompted the car maker to convert its remaining seven robots at its plant.
Because of the complexity of the over-all process involved in atomizers, it would appear unlikely that this simplified theoretical treatment would be adequate for different applications of pressure swirl atomizer.
1982), Correlations for Prediction of Discharge Rate, Cone Angle and Air Core Diameter of Swirl Atomizers, Proc.
The development of higher capacity rotary atomizers equipped with stronger turbines for increased paint flow, new bell cup atomizing concepts for one-pass instead of two-pass processes, and paint robots with higher performance to complement the reduced number of atomizers has been the response from equipment manufacturers," says Endregaard.
The Sanctuaries, which command a $10 charge for half-day passes, have massage cabanas, drink and meal service, deluxe chaise lounges and amenities such as Evian water atomizers and chilled face towels.
Further developments in light sources and atomizers could greatly increase the number of applications of AFS.
Now, as my son's soccer coach, five out of the 12 children on the team carry breathing atomizers.
Other devices such as atomizers and vaporizers do not completely convert water to steam, but create microdroplets.
With eight different SOURCE orb 3 atomizers to choose from, including three quartz atomizers and two SOURCE terra atomizers, users can personalize their SOURCE orb 3 experience.
The manufacturer offers a starter kit, consisting of five complete atomizers and 50 disposable tips, for only $110.
The ViaNase product line of intelligent atomizers incorporates CPD with the potential to deliver a wide range of formulations.
OTC: VHUB) is pleased to announce the successful release of one of the first 30mm atomizers to the e-cig vapor market.
The product categories are - Preparation of funds,- Facades,- Coatings,- Matt,- Satin finish,- Gloss finishes,- Wood processing,- White acrylic paint for woodwork,- Rust,- Atomizers,- Protection of soil,- Solvents,- Miscellaneous (adhesives, sealants .
RJM was: first with burner add-ons for NOx emission control, first with practical low NOx fuel oil atomizers for tangential-fired utility and industrial boilers, first with front-end NOx tempering systems and first with second-generation NOx emission control technology.