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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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The EcoBell high-speed rotating atomizers are ideally suited to industry, thanks to their variable spray jet.
By connecting it to an intranasal atomizer, they could administer the naloxone into the nose, and rescue the victim that way.
Profitability was better in 2014 with the company opening its second automatic line, Atomizer 2, which it had not been operating since mid-2012.
has introduced a 30 mm atomizer featuring a larger space for building coils.
Besides, atomization can also be accomplished by injecting the high velocity liquid fuel into a relatively low velocity air or stream as used in pressure atomizer and rotary atomizer, which eject the liquid at high velocity from the periphery of a rotating cup or disc.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) empty perfumery bottles, (b) flavors & fragrances, also (c) different size atomizers for perfumery bottles.
With the previous technology, KIA said the eight ABB painting robots were equipped with rotating atomizers and electrostatic voltage block with canister technology that led to problems in operation.
At KIA Zilina in Slovakia, eight ABB painting robots in the waterbased primer line were equipped with rotating atomizers and electrostatic voltage block with canister technology that led to problems in operation again and again.
The fatwa goes on to explain the rule of using mouth fresheners such as small atomizers during the day in Ramadan .
The experimental results and discussions of spray cone angle, penetration length and drop diameter distribution is carried out at different injection pressure varying from 3 bar to 15 bar injection pressure differential for pressure swirl atomizers designed at half spray cone angle of 30[degrees], 45[degrees] and 60[degrees].
In such atomizers, the atomization properties depend solely on the kinetic energy of the liquid at the exit of the atomizer, and, thus large pressure difference has to be maintained across the atomizer for quality atomization.
The NasoNeb[TM] Powered Nasal Irrigator from Medlnvent, LLC, available without a prescription, is designed to replicate the spray pattern of atomizers or spray bottles commonly used before nasal endoscopy is performed.
With this atomizer, the same number of parts can be painted with half the equipment, because the RB1000 can cover twice as much area in one pass as traditional atomizers.
The Serenity Stewards provide everything from a chilled face towel and Evian water atomizers, to a menu of healthy beverages and fare.