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(chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

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Tenzin Dorji said good effective teachers have made their students learn the basic atomic weights because it was important for the students to learn and know and not because it was coming in the examinations.
It was then found that the vast majority of atomic weights of the polynuclidic elements could be reproduced through continued fractions as well.
In this way, inaccuracies due to uncertainties in the atomic weights of the elements are largely eliminated, since the latter are likely to be the same in all proteins in a given sample.
New features in the 2004 edition include 1,200 updated chemical structures; 978 modified entries; 112 new generic drug names (with 54 new USAN listings); and approximately 734 recomputed molecular weights based on the latest atomic weights.
IUPAC Commission on Atomic Weights and Isotopic Abundances, Pure Appl.
Elements placed according to the value of their atomic weights present a clear periodicity of properties.
New Columbia Encyclopedia, at atomic weights and hydrogen.
Until such time as more was known about molecular makeup, the values obtained for atomic weights would be dubious.
Richards was honored for his work in determining the exact atomic weights of a number of elements, in some cases correcting erroneous measurements.
The standard atomic weights, including the proton and electron reference masses were taken from the web-site of the National Institute of Standards (NIST) and were expressed in the atomic mass unit u.
Isotopes are variants of the same element with different atomic weights.
This results in those rare earths with lower atomic numbers and atomic weights actually having larger atoms than elements that are higher in the periodic table.
He calculated relative atomic weights by weighing the amounts of various chemicals that combined to make new chemicals, making assumptions about how many atoms of one element combined with an atom of another.
This machine knows the atomic weights of millions of microscopic particles and can recognise each one.
Prout's name is associated with the two hypotheses of integral atomic weights and the unity of matter, i.