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a shoe with a wedge heel

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FLW, Americas is also responsible for additional business diversification initiatives including a pioneering wireless channel, Atomic Wedgie, delivering original made-for-mobile video content on demand.
Access channel) 23 - Sirius Music < 60 - ATAKU Anime 24 - Primetime TV < 63 - Atomic Wedgie 25 - Diva < 64 - Hanna Barberra 26 - VH1 < 65 - Heavy 27 - The Street TV < 66 - Anime Network - Zoovision 28 - GoTV Alt Rock < 67 - GoComics TV 29 - Varsity Mobile < 68 - Just For Laughs 30 - Swimsuit Model TV < 70 - Stan Lee's POW
Atomic Wedgie will be available on Sprint, one of the largest wireless carriers in the US, starting October 16 for a monthly subscription cost of $4.
I mean, aside from unintentional things, like bowing to authority figures (deserving or otherwise), waking up at ungodly hours and training your buttocks to cope with the never ending new varieties of bully-induced atomic wedgies.
He has no friends, his parents pay him little attention, and a neighborhood bully delights in giving him atomic wedgies.