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useless radioactive materials that are left after some laboratory or commercial process is completed

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areas, dumping chemical and atomic waste and the excessive consumption of
Those who] possess, have used or threatened to use nuclear weapons [should] be suspended from the IAEA and its board of governors, especially the US which has used a weapon made of atomic waste in the Iraq war," he said.
The Baltic Sea is contaminated by atomic waste and also the seas near Norway with sunken atomic submarines.
The obvious carbon neutral method is via nuclear power stations - with worrying problems of atomic waste.
The credibility of the nuclear industry was shaken last night after the estimated cost of cleaning up Britain's atomic waste was raised by a further pounds 10bn.
Italy has no permanent repository to bury low-level atomic waste and has been looking overseas for help.
They say that the Government should rethink its plans to carry out tests to bury atomic waste in underground chambers in Hereford and Worcester in light of recent tremors.
Both courses of action are preferable to stocking up piles of atomic waste.
A freak accident bleeds atomic waste into a pond inhabited by scaly reptiles, where the radioactive particles soon alter the creatures' biological makeup.
But atomic waste is collecting at 131 minimally secured sites in the United States--and many others around the world-and the need to contain the threat continues to mount.
The government said that by allowing Oskarshamn to import MOX, Sweden was taking responsibility for handling atomic waste that it had generated, Reuters reported.
Department of Energy's (DOE) suspension of a planned transcontinental atomic waste train shipment as being simply too vulnerable.
Says D'Arrigo: "Bush wants more nuclear power, and we are being told we'll have to do our part by accepting atomic waste in our daily use items.
The days of burying atomic waste in Switzerland could be numbered.
From this atomic waste the people of Nagasaki confront the world and cry out: No more war