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a timepiece that derives its time scale from the vibration of atoms or molecules

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These enabled the company to reduce the cubic dimensions of the atomic oscillator to just 75 cc-or 1/16th the size of Epson's earlier 1,200 cc atomic oscillator-without sacrificing long-term frequency stability.
New addition to QUANTUM[TM] family of atomic oscillators features breakthroughs in low power consumption, accuracy, size, and weight, making it ideal for small form-factor applications
Symmetricom Experts to Discuss Atomic Oscillators and Other Advanced Clock Technology at PTTI Systems and Applications Meeting
We invented the Rubidium oscillator in 1971 and we provided the first miniature atomic oscillator for the NAVSTAR GPS satellite program.
Datum's X72 Rubidium atomic oscillator extends the holdover and improves the GPS Stratum 1 performance for synchronization applications.
One year later, the first atomic oscillator launched into space was built for the Naval Research Laboratory's NTS-1 satellite.