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(weapons) deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy


immeasurably small

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atomic operations are performed remarkably faster (20x).
For each atomic operation, the algorithm must be able to determine the operations that may execute in parallel with the atomic operation and the instance variables that the operations update.
In a modular program, command definitions may also include definitions of alternative operations to be run when an atomic operation fails; that is, it cannot be executed either because the object states are not consistent with the purpose of the operation or because one of its constitutent atomic operations fails.
Also, it is just as imprecise to assert that the doctrine of intelligible species was "grounded in atomic operations presupposing no intelligence" as it is to assert that there was a "specific dualism between mind and body postulated by Aristotle and his medieval followers," for whom "mind and body are essentially separate entities" which can have some "mutual interaction" (pp.
Bandwidth Engine 2 - Macro Accelerates Metering, Statistics, Accounting and Atomic Operations
These enhancements range in scope from data reuse hints, atomic operations, dynamic power adjustment mechanisms, latency tolerance reporting, loose transaction ordering, I/O page faults, BAR resizing and many more extensions in support of platform energy efficiency, software model flexibility and architectural scalability.
Unique to the NFP-3240 memory architecture are hardware accelerators for queues, atomic operations and CAMs.