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the order of an element in Mendeleyev's table of the elements

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ATOMIC NUMBER equals the number of protons (positively charged particles) in an atom's nucleus, or center.
As atomic number gets higher and higher, stability generally diminishes, eventually reaching a point where the new atoms decay away into something else almost as fast as physicists can make them.
Every once in awhile, you come into contact with a profoundly gifted child: an 8-year-old who enjoys watching videos on differential equations, a sixth grader who memorizes the periodic table with all of the atomic numbers, or a 5-year-old who reads up to 2,000 pages a day.
The topics range from the basic science and research on the actinide series--those 14 chemical elements lying between actinium and nobelium, inclusively, and representing the atomic numbers 89-102 (this group includes such radioactive elements as uranium and plutonium)--to their nuclear and superconducting applications.
In air, the microscope can measure the concentrations of all the elements within the periodic table and in vacuum, using enhanced detectors, is able to measure the concentration of elements with atomic numbers as small as boron.
For higher atomic numbers, the La line is the automatic first choice until the M[alpha] line becomes available at Z = 70 (for lower atomic numbers the M[alpha] line suffers from anomalous absorption and cannot be used for quantitative analysis).
The f-block elements in the periodic table with atomic numbers from 58, cerium, to 71, lutetium, are known as lanthanides; what name is given to those with atomic numbers from 90, thorium, to 103, lawrencium?
The electron microscope used backscatter electrons that are extremely sensitive to the atomic numbers of elements, Ustohal said.
Most ED-XRF analyzers typically measure around 80 elements from atomic numbers as low as sodium (atomic number 11) or magnesium (12) to as high as uranium (92).
Four elements between 1 and 92 now remained to be discovered, atomic numbers 43, 61, 85, and 87.
Make a list of the names, symbols and atomic numbers of the chemical elements.
Each Element has two Atomic Numbers and same Atomic Mass which accounts for all behaviors of Elements and proof of Parallel Universes.
Actinides are a series of chemically similar metallic elements with atomic numbers ranging from 89 (actinium) to 103 (lawrencium).
Individual atoms of carbon, boron, nitrogen and oxygen - all of which have low atomic numbers - were resolved on a single-layer boron nitride sample.
Oganesyan [3] has alluded to a Rutherford-model atom which assumes existence of heavy nuclei with atomic numbers within the limits of Z ~ 170.