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(chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

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The atomic masses are transformed into a continued fraction according to the equations
From measurements involving 20 different pairs of alternately trapped ions, they extracted atomic masses for nine isotopes and the neutron (see table).
The Appendix on Atomic Masses and Isotope Abundances has been expanded to provide tools to aid in determination of elemental composition from isotope peak intensity ratios.
This dependence links atomic masses of chemical elements with their numbers in the Table.
One is a laser, with a beam 1 millimeter in diameter, which can vaporize a tiny spot on the surface while an instrument called a "reflectron" analyzes the atomic masses of the elements in the resulting vapor.
Huebner analyzed the atomic masses of ions detected during Giotto's approach to the comet by an instrument called the positive ion cluster composition analyzer.
It is known that elements of the Periodic Table of Elements have fractional numerical values of atomic masses.
Once drawing straight hyperbolas for a wide range of the elements, according to their number from 1 to 99 in the Table of Elements, where the atomic masses occupy the scale from Hydrogen (1.
Hence, the difference between these lines should give the truly deviation of the numerical values f the atomic masses between the FLW Inc.
We analyzed abundance data of the chemical elements, atomic masses and the masses of elementary particles.