nuclear fusion

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a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

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Principal sponsors of the event include the law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge as well as Abovo Group, Atomic Fusion, ATDC, Sevista, Innovations Publishing, and TechLinks.
Japanese and British scientists have succeeded in more efficiently realizing atomic fusion with a 100 trillion watt ultra-intense laser, using only half the energy needed in the conventional approach, according to a study to be published Thursday in Nature, a British weekly science journal.
In 1900, no one foresaw Einstein's theory of relativity, atomic fusion, DNA, antibiotics, computers, continental drift, aviation, the invasion of space, undersea exploration, and the harnessing of electromagnetic radiation in communications.
Though generating power from atomic fusion remains many, many moons away, physicists have reached a milestone in this effort to harness the energy source of the stars.
According to the scientists at the show, this type of network performance is vital for projects on the frontiers of research in "data intensive" fields such as particle physics, astronomy, bioinformatics, global climate modeling, geosciences, atomic fusion and neutron science.