atomic mass unit

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unit of mass for expressing masses of atoms or molecules

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ARIO is the first to provide blades as the atomic unit of system storage, providing six nines reliability in a scalable, modular storage architecture.
The Server Performance Trend provides a "whole market" view of server performance and is powered by RPE2, the atomic unit of compute.
Built-in transaction management ensures that all data is stored as a single atomic unit, and that any failure causes the entire operation to be rolled back from all systems.
I will analyze data from hundreds of genome-wide chromatin tracks, and develop computational algorithms to segment the genome into atomic units of chromatin packaging, that open and close as homogenous blocks under various conditions and transcriptional programs.
Toukan said the oil-rich United Arab Emirates will by 2017 switch to nuclear-powered electricity, noting that the UAE had gone 70 percent on that path and had taken a decision to add two more atomic units.