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Synonyms for turbulence

Synonyms for turbulence

the condition of being physically agitated

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

Synonyms for turbulence

unstable flow of a liquid or gas

instability in the atmosphere

a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)

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Engineers can now pre-distort a laser beam to cancel out atmospheric turbulence and focus with precision on a target.
Lv, "Spreading and directionality of partially coherent Hermite-Gaussian beams propagating through atmospheric turbulence," J.
There, we employ ITU-R atmospheric turbulence structure constant model [34] expressed by
UAs produce their own turbulence when flying and they tend to fly in the general area where atmospheric turbulence is high," he said.
Optical turbulence is defined as "temporal and spatial fluctuations in the index of refraction that result from atmospheric turbulence.
Analysis of the different regimes of atmospheric turbulence observed during a single night.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- As the program faces congressional budget cuts, the airborne laser reached a major testing milestone when the weapon system successfully tracked a flying target, compensated for atmospheric turbulence and simulated the firing of a missile-killing laser.
On Mars, a desert planet where dust devils are common and unusually large, the whirlwinds result from severe atmospheric turbulence.
The brown swirls are atmospheric turbulence, formed as winds sweeping east across the northern Pacific Ocean hit the islands' volcanic peaks.
The Ohio native spent his career conducting research on the physics of propagation of light through atmospheric turbulence and a technique called laser guidestar adaptive optics that corrects distortion caused by the atmosphere.
The BILL, part of the ABL's beam-control/fire-control system, is used to measure atmospheric turbulence which would degrade the beam quality of ABL's megawatt-class chemical laser.
1 million US DoT contract to further develop Project SOCRATES (Sensors for Characterising Ring-eddy Atmospheric Turbulence Emanating Sound).
Japan's Subaru telescope in Hawaii has observed a binary system composed of two low-mass stars called ''brown dwarfs,'' which were difficult to distinguish from Earth, with a device to correct star light affected by atmospheric turbulence, astronomers said Thursday.
While many college students headed to Florida for their spring vacation, eight Valparaiso University students spent their spring break in Galveston, Texas, studying atmospheric turbulence.
Over the past three years, we have investigated how ocean waves influence the behavior of near-surface atmospheric turbulence.
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