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Synonyms for turbulence

Synonyms for turbulence

the condition of being physically agitated

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

Synonyms for turbulence

unstable flow of a liquid or gas

instability in the atmosphere

a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)

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A fresh, albeit controversial look at how light propagates through the atmosphere and how atmospheric turbulence affects images formed by large, ground-based telescopes now suggests that, at infrared wavelengths at least, atmsopheric turbulence actually has a much smaller effect than conventional theory predicts.
The secondary mirror is articulated to provide real-time optical alignment capability, and the tertiary mirror provides the function of a fast steering mirror for rapid correction of apparent star motion due to atmospheric turbulence.
Atmospheric turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to passengers and flight crews in non-fatal airline accidents.
Alcock and his colleagues propose to use cameras mounted on a trio of telescopes spaced a few kilometers apart to distinguish stellar occultations from mere twinklings due to atmospheric turbulence.
The tests addressed a key issue for the ABL activity -- how to point and focus a laser accurately at an enemy missile many hundreds of kilometers away despite aircraft jitter, atmospheric turbulence, and fast engagement timelines.
Since the entire test facility and instrument are vibration isolated inside a thermal/vacuum chamber, risks associated with atmospheric turbulence and air-layering effects are eliminated.
Ifadaptive telescopes with electrically deformable mirrors and artificial guide stars can work together to overcome the problems of atmospheric turbulence, resolution could improve to 1/10 of an arc second, Thompson says, the same resolution promised by the Hubble Space Telescope scheduled for launch in 1988.
Project SOCRATES -- which stands for Sensors for Characterizing Ring-eddy Atmospheric Turbulence Emanating Sound -- is an applied research and development program that leverages declassified military technology previously used for the acoustic detection of submarines.
It was hindered in the past by technical difficulties due to the effect of atmospheric turbulence on visible light.
Since 1990, advances in lasers, detectors and information processing have refined FSO -- helping to mitigate bad weather and atmospheric turbulence.
Difficulties with atmospheric turbulence have hindered its application in visible-light astronomy.
It must correct high-frequency tilt errors caused by atmospheric turbulence.
The successful laboratory tests addressed a key issue in the development of the weapon system -- how to accurately point and focus a laser at a hostile missile hundreds of miles away despite aircraft platform jitter, atmospheric turbulence, and fast engagement timelines.
Adaptive optics is a technique that enables astronomers to obtain extremely sharp images by correcting for naturally occurring atmospheric turbulence, which distorts telescopic images.
In addition to helping scientists monitor the ozone layer, POAM II will contribute to the understanding of polar weather patterns and provide data on atmospheric turbulence that will be useful in designing space-based laser communication systems.
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