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a protective covering that protects a spacecraft from overheating on reentry

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The IXV program supports the development of an autonomous, guided European atmospheric reentry system, as well as validating in flight its aerodynamic performance and overall design, especially its thermal protection system.
The Turin plant is one of our company's crown jewels, especially for the development of the special technologies needed for automated missions to the Moon or Mars, as well as activities linked to the International Space Station and for manned or unmanned atmospheric reentry systems.
Commercial and civil entities use atmospheric reentry to destroy low-flying spacecraft, relieving them of the responsibility of actively dealing with on-orbit trash or worrying about liability issues if their derelict spacecraft collides with someone else's satellite.
Study of Thermo-Chemical Non-Equilibrium Phenomena behind Strong Shock Waves at Atmospheric Reentry
The IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle), the European Space Agency's atmospheric reentry demonstrator, developed by Thales Alenia Space, was successfully launched by Arianespace today on board a Vega rocket from the Guiana Space Center.
The DASH or demonstrator of atmospheric reentry system with hyperbolic velocity consists of box-shaped storage equipment and a cylindrical tester.
On the way to the Moon, should a problem develop, the four rocket chairs, attached to the capsule, have sufficient propellant to return the capsule to Earth for a direct atmospheric reentry.
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