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As no study has been conducted to characterize the LAB community of costal fish in Algeria, the present study addressed to isolate autochthonous Carnobacterium and Lactobacillus species from the entire intestine of Atlantic horse mackerel, European pilchard and Atlantic bonito and to characterize their properties; acidification activity, enzymatic activities and their antimicrobial properties towards eight test bacteria.
A third resolution invites the European Commission and member states to move forward on long-term management of the Western stock of Atlantic horse mackerel, which has been in a stalemate since November 2010.
The third resolution, tabled for the Committee on Fisheries (PECH) by Carmen Fraga Estevez (EPP, Spain) and Pat the Cope Gallagher (ALDE, Ireland), denounces the stalemate by member states over the multiannual management plan proposed for the Western stock of Atlantic horse mackerel.
The EP Fisheries Committee approved on 26 October the draft long-term management plans for anchovy stocks in the Bay of Biscay (1) and for the western stock of Atlantic horse mackerel (2).
The Presidency will also push for an agreement on the four proposed recovery plans so as to ensure the long-term conservation of the species in question: Celtic cod, anchovy, Western stocks of Atlantic horse mackerel and Northern hake.
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