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During her career at Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) from 1976-2000, Ms.
The money comes from nearly $15 million reached in an agreement between the county and Atlantic Richfield Company.
The remainder of the mine site cleanup liability is held by Atlantic Richfield Company, a subsidiary of British Petroleum.
Her twenty plus year career in financial management includes work for Motorola and the Atlantic Richfield Company (now BP).
BP, the parent company of Atlantic Richfield Company, announced layoffs beginning in July, followed by further cuts as the year wore on.
In 1985, Columbia Falls Aluminum Company bought the plant from Atlantic Richfield Company, which had purchased the facility from the plant's original owner, Anaconda Company, in 1977.
The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology is responsible for long-term monitoring of the pit after a court ordered agreement was reached in 2002 between the Atlantic Richfield Company, Montana Resources and a number of government agencies.
Prior to this, Cruz held the same position at the Irvine Company and various positions at Madison Marquette Retail Services, Cingular Wireless, formerly Pacific Bell Wireless, and Atlantic Richfield Company.
The Atlantic Richfield Company has replied to a lawsuit filed by Asarco, claiming fraud and breach of contract.
Shapiro spent 16 years with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), beginning as a planning analyst and later holding a variety of positions in ARCO's coal and minerals businesses.
Under a proposed settlement reached with the United States and the state of Indiana, the Atlantic Richfield Company and E.
He has hands-on experience leading technologically sophisticated global process and service businesses up to $1 billion with Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), Rio Tinto Borax, Exxon and Hercules.
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