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At the present day, the sub-arctic and northern temperate productions of the Old and New Worlds are separated from each other by the Atlantic Ocean and by the extreme northern part of the Pacific.
On this view we can understand the relationship, with very little identity, between the productions of North America and Europe,--a relationship which is most remarkable, considering the distance of the two areas, and their separation by the Atlantic Ocean.
The selfishness of the late Napoleon Bonaparte occasioned innumerable wars in Europe and caused him to perish, himself, in a miserable island--that of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.
We applaud the President and his administration for listening to these calls, safeguarding the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans and helping ensure that the Arctics coastal communities may continue their way of life.
coastal waters, as well as the offshore waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes.
This idea was fortified last week as researchers reported on hydrothermal venting at a variety of sites in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
With satellites positioned above Asia, and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, WORLDSAT can provide seamless connectivity to the world's most important markets through SES satellites serving the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
The continent's southernmost country, home of a major canal that enables ships to travel between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans without sailing thousands of miles around South America: --*
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