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The details of Atlantic Basin Refining's planned agreement with HOVENSA were not revealed.
Driving this year's forecast, along with the AMO, are near-to-slightly above-normal water temperatures throughout the Atlantic Basin, along with the lack of El Nino or La Nina patterns occurring in the Pacific.
Distillate cracks will strengthen further with the economyWith indicators suggesting continued improvements in global economic activity and industrial production firming up, we reiterate our positive view on Atlantic Basin middle distillates.
A key site along the Brooklyn waterfront, the Atlantic Basin presents a unique opportunity to introduce new activity and employment opportunities in New York Harbor.
While it's true that 9 of the 15 named tropical or subtropical storms that formed in the North Atlantic basin last year strengthened into hurricanes, 6 of them actually became major hurricanes and only 4 of these hurricanes--Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne--directly affected Florida.
Tractebel LNG North America ("TLNGNA") will use the vessel to transport LNG primarily from Trinidad to the company's Everett LNG receiving terminal, to the EcoElectrica facility in Puerto Rico, and to other LNG facilities in the Atlantic Basin.
There will be prospects in the medium term to 2005 for further short term/spot trading with a potential shortage in the Atlantic Basin and a surplus East of Suez.
The HURDAT database consists primarily of 6-hour interval observations on storm center positions (latitude and longitude, in tenths of degrees) and wind speeds (knots, in 5-knot intervals) for tropical cyclones observed in the North Atlantic Basin dating back to 1886.
Overall, the Atlantic Basin forecast includes eleven named storms (average 9.
If the theory of professor of atmospheric sciences William Gray and his associates at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, is correct, the 14 Atlantic Basin storms that occurred in 1998 are just a harbinger of hurricane seasons to come over the next few decades.
Hurricane after hurricane has marched across the Atlantic Basin to menace the East Coast.
Building on earlier work on African demography, Manning reminds us that while the population of West Africa may have fallen in 1730-1850, that of Western Europe and North America rose substantially, with the result that the African share of the population of the Atlantic basin fell by perhaps two-thirds between 1650 and 1850.
The WeatherBug Meteorology team calls for a near-normal Hurricane Season in the Atlantic Basin.
Taking advantage of cheap US oil and some transportation advantages, they say, their Atlantic Basin Refining could start pumping out gasoline and diesel as early as 2017.
He further added, Not only will demand for capesizes in the Atlantic basin increase by a drastic amount, the upcoming surge in shipments will mean that a great deal more capesize vessels will be engaged in long-haul shipments that in effect makes the overall availability of capesize vessels in the spot chartering market much tighter.
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